Things I’ve Learned About Writing as a Professional Editor

I had anticipated that my new job as a content manager and professional editor would help me build many skills I could carry over into my everyday life. What I didn’t expect is that, despite my role not being one that’s focused on writing, I learned so much about writing through my editor role.  It’s… Continue reading Things I’ve Learned About Writing as a Professional Editor


Papergang & Artful Subscription Boxes – Coupon Codes!

OCTOBER 2021 UPDATE! THESE PROMO CODES ARE STILL RUNNING! PGGRACE - Gets you your first Papergang box for FIFTY PERCENT OFF (a box for only 7 £ )! ARTGRACE - Gets you 5 £ OFF your first box!Enjoy your papergang promo code / artful box promo code! Contact me at @seekingcelestialgrace if there is an… Continue reading Papergang & Artful Subscription Boxes – Coupon Codes!

Writer Resolutions

Listen, I’m one of those people who, if I don’t have a routine and have my priorities focused, I’ll get lost in the noise of distraction. As a writer, this means if I’m not planning down my daily goals to the T, I’m sure to skip a day of writing, or maybe two, or maybe… Continue reading Writer Resolutions

8 Career Paths Worth Exploring with a Masters in Library & Information Studies

If you’re like me, you’re here on this blog because you love books and love reading. And if you’re anything else like me, you’ve often wondered about what educational avenues to pursue to turn this love of reading into something of a career. It’s for that exact reason that I decided to get a Masters… Continue reading 8 Career Paths Worth Exploring with a Masters in Library & Information Studies