How Much Are You Worth?

I am not an “influencer”.I will never be and have no desire to be known as an “influencer”.  But, that being said, I’m not against people leveraging their social media to make money or get free items.  I love free stuff. And as someone who used to be obsessed with couponing and used to get… Continue reading How Much Are You Worth?


Bookish Goods – My Redbubble Site Got a Bibliophile Upgrade

Hey everyone! I decided to update my old and quiet Redbubble account with some bookish items. I created a lot of these designs on my free time and thought:A. I would love these on shirts and itemsB. Maybe someone else would also love them on shirts and items! Redbubble seemed like the best avenue to… Continue reading Bookish Goods – My Redbubble Site Got a Bibliophile Upgrade

Things I’ve Learned About Writing as a Professional Editor

I had anticipated that my new job as a content manager and professional editor would help me build many skills I could carry over into my everyday life. What I didn’t expect is that, despite my role not being one that’s focused on writing, I learned so much about writing through my editor role.  It’s… Continue reading Things I’ve Learned About Writing as a Professional Editor

Writer Resolutions

Listen, I’m one of those people who, if I don’t have a routine and have my priorities focused, I’ll get lost in the noise of distraction. As a writer, this means if I’m not planning down my daily goals to the T, I’m sure to skip a day of writing, or maybe two, or maybe… Continue reading Writer Resolutions