About Cloud

Hello there!

My name is Claudia (Cloud) and I’m a Canadian living with my French husband in Saint Jorioz, Haute Savoie, France. I’m a spiritual healer, a logophile, and a bibliophile who once used this space to chronicle manifesting my Parisian dreams, but will now be using it as a space to share things that don’t sync particularly with my business, Seeking Celestial Grace. I am also a Masters of Library and Information Studies Graduate, a degree I pursued simply due to my love of literature.

I am a recently signed author with The Good House (formally That Guy’s House INTL), formulating my book for a 2023 release. I know my life purpose is rooted in writing, and my love of books helps my spirit grow and expand. I’m a fast reader who enjoys sharing what I’ve discovered within the pages of a book.

In addition, I’m a professional content manager, editor, and freelance writer for TattooSet.com.

My favourite authors are:
Ernest Hemingway
JRR Tolkien
CS Lewis
JK Rowling

My favourite book of all time is:
Le Petit Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

For inquiries or to request a product review & feature, please e.mail:





16 thoughts on “About Cloud”

  1. Hello! Claudia, a pleasure to make your acquaintance.

    Well, I have read your Bio here and I must say you seem like a very interesting and down to earth person.
    Lastly, I’d like to thank you for reading my new poem and liking it.

    Question: Are you into poetry? and if so, do you have a favorite poet?


      1. Awesome! 🙂 Rumi is super great! and Ralph Waldo Emerson was an incredible writer. I love that mans’ work. Do you also like Allen Ginsberg? or any of the beat poets?

        I am currently following your page. I shall be reading your work and yes.

        By the way, keep your eyes peeled tomorrow. I will be posting another new poem. This one is going to be weird. 🙂


  2. You’re a fake psychic. People like you are legalized scam artists. As if I’ll ever take any kind of a advice from a little twit like you.


    1. Who could you be, who could you be…
      L6H 0A1 – living between Highway 403 and Bristol Cir. or potentially Westmount

      IP Details For:

      Decimal: 1176018361

      Hostname: bras-base-okvlon5405w-grc-56-70-24-157-185.dsl.bell.ca

      ASN: 577

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      Assignment: Likely Static IP

      Continent: North America

      Country: Canada

      State/Region: Ontario

      City: Oakville

      Latitude: 43.4437 (43° 26′ 37.32″ N)

      Longitude: -79.7564 (79° 45′ 23.04″ W)

      Moral of the story: don’t be a troll on the internet. Not everything is hidden behind a Simpson’s avatar.


    2. After further investigation, I have discovered you’re from:
      L6M 4Z2

      Wouldn’t it be interesting if the school discovered that you were using work time to write these kinds of messages on people’s website using their internet… As a Catholic teacher, you should be ashamed. The best part is that it would be easy to discover who you are; today was family day… I’m sure not many people beeped in to get to the school.


  3. Hi Claudia,

    I remember you very well from high school. We’re not acquainted, I was younger than you were by a few grades.

    Your intro is brilliant. Cloud (how interesting) it is nice to stumble upon this place. Your life in France has been wonderful to read about and don’t ya just love the call of the soul. Keep writing and do share more about your motherhood experience, so many women who are younger could benefit from that.

    Au Revoir

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    1. Hello!
      Sorry that I am just seeing this; I’m not sure why I wasn’t notified about your comment. Who are you, out of curiosity? Maybe I know you from memory. Though I was not anyone of any great significance in high school, so I’m surprised you “remember me very well!”
      I’m actually releasing a book worldwide on June 13th through my publisher The Good House and it has an entire chapter that talks about motherhood, with a spiritual lens at the center of it all.
      Here’s more information about my book in case you are interested:

      How did you find me :)?

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      1. Hello back!

        That’s odd that you didn’t get the message, although with me these sort of things tend to happen.

        I also wasn’t anyone of importance at our high school either, no doubt you wouldn’t remember me. If you want I’ll give you the link to my website and you can explore. I have an about me section on there as well.

        I remember you so well because your one of the few that stuck out to me, I also have an excellent memory. When I found this place I saw that it was you and what a life you’ve led.

        I’ll have to check out your new book when it comes out and I’m thankful that in this life I am not a woman. Mother hood is one of the hardest jobs.

        I’m a male. There’s your first clue and being the curious one you are come find me.

        About Me

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    2. Hello Michael,
      I wasn’t notified about this comment either; I just decided to see if you replied. I’m glad to be reading your About Me while you’re still EarthBound!

      I do remember your face, but oddly enough, it was familiar from your elementary school photo and not your high school one.

      Am I right to think you were also familiar with my “bandmates” from high school? Did you watch us play and practice? I feel like you did. And I think you knew (or knew of) Leo, who I was also good friends with at the time (we are no longer connected, unfortunately). Is that correct?

      I will be honest, a lot of my memories from high school have vanished entirely. Most memories before my mid-twenties cease to exist for me, other than childhood memories. If I am reaching, my apologies! But your face is familiar, and that is not a stretch.

      Regarding motherhood: I do agree! I had to heal a lot of past life trauma and ask a lot of former souls for forgiveness to get to the point of feeling comfortable with having a child and loving this role. I now feel as though it was an essential “end cap” on this present lifetime and it’s offered me a lot of perspective and growth.

      I think my “more spiritual” centered blog will be up your alley – https://seekingcelestialgrace.com/blog-of-spirit – though many entries, particularly my downloads, have been made private as I’ve shifted them to my book.

      Speaking of my book, I have an interesting proposition for you if you send me an email:

      But you still didn’t answer: how did you find me???


      1. It might be best to email; I don’t want to clog up your comments section.

        I’ll message you at seekingcelestialgrace.com later on in the day.

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