Writer Resolutions

Listen, I’m one of those people who, if I don’t have a routine and have my priorities focused, I’ll get lost in the noise of distraction. As a writer, this means if I’m not planning down my daily goals to the T, I’m sure to skip a day of writing, or maybe two, or maybe even three…

I feel as though 2020 was the year of slowing down and allowing yourself to be consumed by any and all interruptions that might allow for a temporary respite from the chaos and anxiety of the present world. YIKES! I’m making 2021 the Year of the Writer, and it begins with these Writer Resolutions…

  1. Write daily, without exception – Whether it’s 5 minutes or thirty minutes or an hour, I’m going to dedicate some time to writing just to write. Not writing my Instagram captions, or writing for work, but writing for me and me alone.
  1. Ideal Time of Day – For me, I enjoy writing in the morning. For you, you might get most of your inspiration after dusk. Whenever it is, pick a time and stick to a schedule. I find that starting my day with writing is a good excuse to avoid everything else until I get it done!
  1. Write First, Edit Later – I’m not going to allow myself to get bogged down by perfection. I’m not going to go searching for the perfect synonym or worry about whether I capitalized correctly. I’m not going to worry about whether I wrote enough or whether it reads clearly. I’m just going to write and worry about the rest when it’s needed.
  1. Try Something New – There’s nothing that will help me to better my skills as a writer than to write about something unfamiliar. I’m not talking about writing about things that bore you, but I’m speaking to writing outside of your niche. If you normall write about non-fiction, how about diving into a little romance? If fantasy is your thing, why not try on the Historical Fiction hat? Used to first person voice, why not try third? Pushing my boundaries helps me grow as an author.
  1. Call a Spade, a Spade – Lastly, and most importantly, I’m going to start referring to myself as what I am: a writer. I’m not going to hesitate when using this title. And I’m going to look for opportunities for minor publishing of my work and ways to profit off my skills. Because, as writer, you too deserve to embrace the name and the benefits that come with it – no matter how small and insignificant they may seem.

These are my writer resolutions for 2021, but maybe you have a good one you can help me add to my list. Please toss it into the comments, because I’m all up growth and betterment in my field. And we all know that resolutions are bound to be broken, so I may need an extra tip or two as a replacement!

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