Papergang & Artful Subscription Boxes – Coupon Codes!

PGGRACE – Gets you your first Papergang box for FIFTY PERCENT OFF (a box for only 7 £ )!
ARTGRACE – Gets you 5 £ OFF your first box!
Enjoy your papergang promo code / artful box promo code!
Contact me at @seekingcelestialgrace if there is an issue with the coupon code!

Merry Christmas, everyone! I’ve got a little gift for you…

Trust me when I say that you want an @Artfulbox or @thePapergang subscription box for Christmas. Lucky for you, I’ve been given two discount codes – exclusive to me and my followers!

Papergang is a stationary subscription service that gets sent to you once a month. All the items are designed by a particular indie artist and themed according to that artist’s desires.
Artful is a quarterly subscription service that sends you art materials based around a specific medium. It’s a creative’s dream! The corresponding booklet has artist interviews and design tips to help you learn how to use the medium and experiment with it. The value is incredible; it’s one of the coolest subscription services I’ve ever seen.

The Good Stuff – Promo Codes!

Use Papergang code PGGRACE to get HALF PRICE off your first #Papergang stationery box (that’s one box for only £7!), and use code ARTGRACE to get £5 off your first #Artful box – that’s a £90+ value of creative items at only £30! 

I’m not being paid for this, and it’s not an advertisement –  while the box has been #pr-gifted to me, I don’t promote companies I don’t love. I do love the @OhhDeer company, which was why I was a customer before they even reached out to send me a box!. They’re not only a small business but one that endlessly supports independent artists, and the environment (they plant a tree for every Papergang subscription). That’s a company I can get behind.

I used my Artful box to make a Christmas Moon card which you can see a video of, over at my Instagram. It’s my first time working with ink! I think I’ll have to re-read the artist advice and instruction manual that came in my box…

Do you find handmade gifts to be more meaningful? I certainly do. Hope you take advantage of the promo codes, and I can’t wait to see what you get!

xx C


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