Being a Facebook Admin Isn’t a Life Accomplishment

Isn’t it funny how people with the most unfulfilled lives, who are lacking in some important aspect that they desire, search for control in the least influential or impactful of environments?  Whether it’s being admin of a Facebook group, or leading a community of “followers” on Instagram, or outside of social media, being Syndicat of… Continue reading Being a Facebook Admin Isn’t a Life Accomplishment


A Reflection On Social Media, Social Sharing, And Mass Sociogenic Illness

Last night I read an article about how TikTok has triggered tourettes-like symptoms in young women, due to a medical condition called MASS SOCIOGENIC ILLNESS. In layman's terms, it's when you are part of a community or group (like Bookstagram, for example), and due to your empathy with the persons in the group, you begin… Continue reading A Reflection On Social Media, Social Sharing, And Mass Sociogenic Illness

Why I Decided To Uninstall Instagram & Say “Bye” To Bookstagram

Last week, I made the decision to uninstall my Instagram.  I haven’t outright deleted it, because the name is reserved for my business and because I don’t want extreme restrictions to tempt me to fall back into it. But I removed the app, made a notice to my following that I was leaving for a… Continue reading Why I Decided To Uninstall Instagram & Say “Bye” To Bookstagram

How Much Are You Worth?

I am not an “influencer”.I will never be and have no desire to be known as an “influencer”.  But, that being said, I’m not against people leveraging their social media to make money or get free items.  I love free stuff. And as someone who used to be obsessed with couponing and used to get… Continue reading How Much Are You Worth?

Why I’ll Never Really Grow on Instagram

Listen, I’m not being negative with this blog post title, I’m being realistic. And I’m coming to accept this fact: I will never grow an extensive amount on Instagram. Period. End of discussion. Facts, etc. And not only is this due to the ridiculous algorithm and expectations of Instagram but due to my own inability… Continue reading Why I’ll Never Really Grow on Instagram