Being a Facebook Admin Isn’t a Life Accomplishment

Isn’t it funny how people with the most unfulfilled lives, who are lacking in some important aspect that they desire, search for control in the least influential or impactful of environments? 

Whether it’s being admin of a Facebook group, or leading a community of “followers” on Instagram, or outside of social media, being Syndicat of an apartment building, they search for some small aspect of control – it’s the only place where they have a sense of pride, accomplishment, and a feeling of importance. There is a rush of “joy” when it comes to being able to dictate the literal voice of others.

The air of entitlement that often follows these people in these spaces is just a complete ego vomit and often the control they exude in these zones ceases to exist in the rest of their life; their life feels so much less perfect because they have so much less control. Unable to understand how the real world also doesn’t revolve around them, they continue to nurture their ego by flexing their strength in these insignificant positions. 

Because really, at the end of the day, how is your dictatorship in this space truly helping the planet? By creating an echo chamber of “only things that you approve of and like” you will only become continuously more disappointed in how real life doesn’t bend to your will, and real life is filled with people who have different opinions, different ways of conversing, different interests, different senses of humor, etc. 

I await the death of social media with open arms. I await the disappearance of pride-filled people in meaningless positions of authority. I look forward to people looking within themselves to acknowledge just how pointless dictatorship in these spaces truly is, and to search for joy in real life – with people who aren’t clones of themselves.

Being a Facebook admin will not bring you the joy you so desperately seek. The world is a vastly different and a beautiful place; rather than trying to bury anything different or which emotionally offends you, try embracing it and discovering what unhealed trauma made you triggered in the first place.

Free speech and the ability to tolerate offense are the hallmarks of a free and open society. A culture that allows the concept of ‘safety’ to creep so far that it equates emotional discomfort with physical danger is a culture that encourages people to systematically protect one another from the very experiences embedded in daily life that they need in order to become strong and healthy.” 
-The Coddling of the American Mind

On that note, I just want to say that no one really understands Aquarius’ and our confidence in our opinions, and our dry sarcasm, and it all really hurts people’s pride, and it’s hilarious.



2 thoughts on “Being a Facebook Admin Isn’t a Life Accomplishment”

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