A Short Commentary on Convictions and Relationships

At the foundation of our relationships, essentially, our romantic partnerships should make us better. That is their Divine purpose: a union that accelerates your growth and Ascension. If your romantic partner is not adding to your Christ Consciousness and bringing you higher, what, ultimately, is the purpose? Why be with someone at all if they… Continue reading A Short Commentary on Convictions and Relationships

The Paris Chapter Ends – New Beginnings On The Horizon

It’s time to say goodbye to Paris. We’ve had a wonderful run together, with some ups, some downs, some stresses, many joys. She is a different city than that I visited as a tourist, or the city I knew in 2018, and I’m so ready to say goodbye. She served her purpose in my journey… Continue reading The Paris Chapter Ends – New Beginnings On The Horizon

Bridging the Divide – an Endemic Reflection

I'm going to start this post by declaring the following - not that it should matter to my individual value, but because I know that if far Left-leaning folks stop reading one paragraph in, my comments will be filled with assumptions of the opposite-: I am a fully-boosted individual since November 2021, with PfizerI will… Continue reading Bridging the Divide – an Endemic Reflection