Things I’ve Learned About Writing as a Professional Editor

I had anticipated that my new job as a content manager and professional editor would help me build many skills I could carry over into my everyday life. What I didn’t expect is that, despite my role not being one that’s focused on writing, I learned so much about writing through my editor role.  It’s… Continue reading Things I’ve Learned About Writing as a Professional Editor


Papergang & Artful Subscription Boxes – Coupon Codes!

OCTOBER 2021 UPDATE! THESE PROMO CODES ARE STILL RUNNING! PGGRACE - Gets you your first Papergang box for FIFTY PERCENT OFF (a box for only 7 £ )! ARTGRACE - Gets you 5 £ OFF your first box!Enjoy your papergang promo code / artful box promo code! Contact me at @seekingcelestialgrace if there is an… Continue reading Papergang & Artful Subscription Boxes – Coupon Codes!