This Giant Star Wars Fan Is Back In A Galaxy Far, Far Away

If you know me well enough, you know that I transition through obsessive interests and this usually outlines what books or worlds I am immersed in for that period. From late July to early November, it was Harry Potter. Now, as usual for this time of year, and especially with The Book fo Boba Fett on the horizon, I have transitioned back into my Star Wars obsession.

What happens when I get into these “moods” is that I buy and read books that take place in these “worlds”, I watch movies, series, and YouTube videos about the world, and it generally occupies a lot of my mind-space. In general, this cycle happens with three particular “worlds”: the Wizarding World, Lord of the Rings, and Star Wars. And genuinely, Star Wars always seems to reign around December (it’s bizarre). 

When Jordan and I were watching Love on the Spectrum on Netflix, one of the people on the show said they also cycle through obsessions like this; Jordan looked at me with a curious eyebrow – but I have never been diagnosed, no… hahaha.

Anyway, so now I’m in my Star Wars mood and I’ve been watching videos about Galaxy’s Edge and GE hauls on YouTube. Prior to moving to Paris, I had said, “I hope that GE is finished before I finally make the decision to go overseas.” Welp, it wasn’t. And now I have some serious FOMO, especially after watching those videos.

But it also initiated some weird regrets. Before I moved permanently, I held a garage sale where I got rid of items that were taking up extensive space in storage. Two of those items were the Jedi Handbook and the Sith Handbook – first edition, in their light-up display, moving display cases. I think I sold them for like 20 bucks a piece. Looking online, they are reselling for 600 bucks a piece. BLARG! 

I don’t generally have an attachment to things, but that one… burned a little. Especially since I know the nerds who bought it knew the deal they were getting and even talked me down from thirty. Nerds are ruthless. I should know.

Anyway, I don’t know if anyone reading this has been to Galaxy’s Edge, but some of the items and experiences that are really making my heart race are:

  • The Lightsaber Building Experience – I actually just watched the Padawans building lightsabers episode on Clone Wars (season 5 I think?) and I can imagine that this experience is similar. At a $215 price tag which everyone on YouTube seems to say is worth it, you cannot help but imagine how moving it is. I assume it is similar to being called on at Olivanders and getting a wand (which I was and did).

    You can see the lightsaber options here. While I really like the elemental and nature lightsaber because of my animal-loving connection, the protection and defense lightsaber looks the sleekest, to me. And I’d choose the blue kyber crystal – but buy one of each later – particularly for the next item I’m going to mention.
  • The Jedi and Sith Holocrons – Not only do these nerdy items make me squeal, I also imagine they’d look great on a bookshelf! They have different messages depending on the kyber crystal inside. This is where my regret for getting rid of the Sith vault initiated.

  • Legacy Lightsabers – The worst part about these is that some are retired and you can’t get them anymore. For people across the planet, this increases the FOMO. But these things are just gorgeous, as are the cases they come in. If you have one, let me know which you’ve got.

  • The Catina Mugs – First, going to the cantina in the Black Spire is up there on my wishlist. But getting a drink in a collectable mug seems like a necessity. I already collect mugs and it’s an issue; make it Star Wars and we have an even greater problem.
  • Collectible Home Goods – Of course, there is a large array of homegoods and decor items that fill my nerdy heart with glee. The one thing about my Star Wars obsession is that my husband says, “This is one I like, so it’s okay,” (he doesn’t like HP), so I think he would tolerate nerdy decor, here and there… I think… hehe (I mean, he married a woman with a Boba Fett tattoo, so I imagine he knew what he was getting into).

I know some of my American readers might be thinking, “But you can just buy these things online, now!” but, alas, not if you live on the other side of the planet. Galaxy Edge items from the ShopDisney store are only available for American shoppers. 

On the book side of things, I’m currently reading the novelization of The Revenge of the Sith which is actually said to be the best novelization and one of the best SW novels written, period. Thus far, what I especially appreciate is how it is written in a way that gives so much more insight into Anakin’s struggle with the temptation of the dark side. You don’t get this internal dialogue with the movie (though the movie is definitely the best of the prequels). 

Afterwards, I will either step into some Legends reading (because I have them on my Kindle) or read A Crash of Fate which is a Galaxy’s Edge novel with romance, or Black Spire Outpost, another book from the series. That way I can dip my mind into the world since I cannot dip my toes into it, right now. I tried the new High Republic series last year and it was beyond intolerable.

With The Book of Boba Fett debuting in December, the world comes alive, yet again, and this time with my favourite character. And I guess that’s what I really love about Star Wars; with the continuous book releases, series and/or movie releases, and new merch all the time, it’s always alive. 

I think December syncs with the release of the newest trilogies, and that’s why my passion always reignites around this time of year. It’s very funny that my obsessions go in waves and when I’m in one, I really lose interest in the others. I have come to terms with the fact that this is how I am, and I even make jokes about “how long this one will go for”. The HP one lasting 5 months is a record obsession length — hahaha!

Sometimes I also go into a spirituality genre reading mood, or Hemingway reread mood. And when I was living in Canada and dreaming about a life in Paris, there were also waves of reading expat experiences. It is genuinely very difficult for me to read – or focus – on anything outside of my “current mood”. 

I know many people are mood readers, but I wonder if anyone reading this experiences it like I do? And if you’ve been to Galaxy’s Edge, what’s one “Do Not Miss” item on your list?  Let me know in the comments!




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