This Giant Star Wars Fan Is Back In A Galaxy Far, Far Away

If you know me well enough, you know that I transition through obsessive interests and this usually outlines what books or worlds I am immersed in for that period. From late July to early November, it was Harry Potter. Now, as usual for this time of year, and especially with The Book fo Boba Fett… Continue reading This Giant Star Wars Fan Is Back In A Galaxy Far, Far Away


Why I Decided To Uninstall Instagram & Say “Bye” To Bookstagram

Last week, I made the decision to uninstall my Instagram.  I haven’t outright deleted it, because the name is reserved for my business and because I don’t want extreme restrictions to tempt me to fall back into it. But I removed the app, made a notice to my following that I was leaving for a… Continue reading Why I Decided To Uninstall Instagram & Say “Bye” To Bookstagram

Book Reviewing – Not Every Book is THAT Good

Note: some affiliate links I swear, this won’t become a bookish rant blog, but there’s something that needs discussing. Reviewing books is an art. For many, it’s an actual paying career. Library reviewers are employed to make critical and necessary decisions about what products they bring onto their shelves and how they should be advertised… Continue reading Book Reviewing – Not Every Book is THAT Good

Amazon eBook Deals I Couldn’t Resist

Note: Some affiliate links, all images and descriptions are sourced from I’m a sucker for deals, and sometimes the Kindle eBook deals are too good to resist.  A little while ago my husband bought me a Kindle Fire (I got the 7 which is temporarily out of stock, but at a cheaper price point… Continue reading Amazon eBook Deals I Couldn’t Resist

A Book Trope I’m Totally Sick Of

This is going to be a bookish rant post.  There’s a trend - especially in the Bookstagram community - that I just can’t wrap my head around.  Actually, it extends into the fantasy and movie/series loving community as well, so it’s not fair to single any group out. But it stems from characters written in… Continue reading A Book Trope I’m Totally Sick Of