Where is my Surging Morning Energy? – The Challenge of Early Rising Returns & The SURGING of Blog Visits!

Hey there,

I’m dead. Dead, died, dying, DEAD (hence the image, above!). Just yesterday I had spent a good fifteen minutes raving about the joys and simplicity of early rising, to J. And this morning was a damn struggle. I didn’t go to bed any later than usual, I didn’t have a bad sleep at all (good, in comparison to the previous nights). My thoughts weren’t kept preoccupied with the upcoming trip (I’m taking it easy on that front, and I’m behind on packing…) So what’s the deal? I haven’t pinpointed it, yet, but let me tell you: today will be an espresso kind of day!

While my energy, this morning, isn’t in the soaring position, my blog visits are! Thank you SO much to those of you who have visited, commented, or liked over the past few days. My visit count has not only doubled but TRIPLED, and it’s such an outstanding feeling. I’m feeling humbled, excited, and ready to grow with you, my readers.

With that, let me know in the comments something you’d like me to do a feature on! Whether it’s a book review of something you’ve spotted in my collection, a product review for something you’re curious about, or a post about a particular social justice subject that you’d like some more information on.

Speaking of social justice: if you haven’t been reading my blog for very long, you might not be aware that I am a representative/ambassador for the brand Feminist Apparel (please click the link for more detailed information about my role and purpose). With my code – CLAUDIA10 – you not only get 10% at the Feminist Apparel Website, but each purchase using that code donates $3 to a project I’m bringing to life, from the ground-up, all by myself, aimed around eliminating the stigma that surrounds sexual assault and sexual assault survivors.

Unfortunately, despite having shared this code quite extensively, and despite many connections also sharing this information, my donations are very, very small at the moment. If you could take a minute to share my previous post with the project information, or the image below, on any social media platform you’re able, I would greatly appreciate it! Each share brings me closer to my donations goal, and helps bring this project to life.




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