Special NYC trip & the Challenge of Packing a Practical Carry-On!

Hey there,

So in case you didn’t know (but my guess is that you’ve been following along…) I’m headed to NYC TONIGHT(!) for some business and some pleasure!

I’ve never been to New York City, so I’m absolutely thrilled at this opportunity that has been given to me and can’t wait to explore what this city has to offer me! Fashion + Broadway + Saks … oh, my!

I checked out the weather for the upcoming trip, as I’ve never traveled in Autumn and wanted to be prepared with an appropriate wardrobe for the occasion. The lowest temperature expected while we are there is around 18 degrees which is absolutely perfect for layering, for long walks, and for feeling out a new city in the very best season, around. It’s supposed to rain on Saturday, but I’ve already packed my tiny umbrella, and I never minded a walk in the rain.

But here’s where the tricky part comes along: I have so many jackets (a staple in my wardrobe and always fun to layer on), what could I possibly pack?! And what about my scarves? With so many to choose from, which should I pair with my outfits?! And shoes!? I need walking shoes, I need dressy shoes, what do I do? And what about purses!? Will my novelty cat-bag be a little too extreme for this city, or will I fit right in? ‘Friends’ has taught me nothing about what normal plebs wear, and ‘Sex in the City’ is way out of my price range! What do I do?!

Have a look in my bag:


I stick to carry-ons because they’re guaranteed to never get lost (they’re right by my side at all times) and they’re easy to lug around a busy city if need  be. Packed inside my carry on, I’ve got…

  • My ElevenParis running shoes (designer AND comfortable!)
  • My Nine West sling-back chunky heels
  • Plain t-shirts (black + white) & FEMINIST t-shirt from Feminist Apparel
  • My black bodycon dress with slight collar
  • Ribbed camo green sweater from Zara
  • A long button down shirt with a black and white design from H&M
  • Dark Jeans
  • Mustard cigarette pants from H&M
  • Camo Green cropped pants from Zara
  • High Waisted Mom Levi’s (vintage from the 80s)
  • My vintage bomber (it’s from the 80s and still had the tags on it!)
  • An assortment of jewellery and socks (not featured)

I may be packing too much. I may also be packing too little. The good news is that I left enough space in my luggage to stock it with NYC goodies! Should I get an ‘I ❤ NY’ shirt, or is that tacky? I usually avoid tourist-y things, but I feel like this one is classic.


I may not have an opportunity to blog while I’m in New York City, but look for the occasional Instagram update, and you can be sure to see a blog post when I get back!

Have you ever been to NYC? Do you have any places that you recommend? Let me know in the comments!



3 thoughts on “Special NYC trip & the Challenge of Packing a Practical Carry-On!”

  1. Awesome! Is this the first time your going to New York City? I’ve never been. But from what I hear its fun and the music scene is happening. 🙂

    Say, have you been to Hollywood? If you have cool. But if you haven’t you should check it out. It’s fun here in L.A. 🙂

    Well, since your going to New York City here’s a cool song just for you.

    Hope you like the song. It reminded me of you.

    ~Charlie Zero the Poet


    1. Hey Charlie!
      This is my first time and it’s quite busy but I’m enjoying it. Paris is still my favourite city! But I had a chance to see Game Grumps (not sure if you know who they are) and that was amazing. And tonight I’m seeing Aladdin on Broadway!
      Never been to Hollywood, but I have a friend in LA so perhaps I’ll visit sometime!

      Thanks, as always, for your comments.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Good, Good. I’m so glad your having a good time and enjoying yourself.
        You’ve always been to Paris? That is amazing. How is it?

        I just searched up ‘Game Grumps’.
        It’s a web serious right? I’ve never heard about it til’ you mention it. So, I will check it out on YouTube. 🙂

        You should visit L.A. It’s good and bad. And by bad I mean, people. Again depending on who is nice and not just stuck up people. But all in all – its really cool and amazing here in Hollywood. 🙂


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