Tried, Tested & True! What’s Inside My Make-Up Bag? NYC Packing Part 1

Hey there,

In case you haven’t been following along with my recent blog posts, I’m headed to New York City on Thursday! This will be a trip for both a business opportunity as well as pleasure. I’m really looking forward to it because I need a little escape, and because I’ve always wanted to visit the city that never sleeps. Fashion, theatre, shopping – yes, please!

I’m going to lead up to the vacation with a few sneak peeks into what I’m packing for the trip: my make-up bag, my handbag, and my carry-on. Today’s post is about what’s inside my makeup bag!

Firstly, I don’t wear a lot of make-up. I don’t have the time to spend on painting my face and I admire those that do. I also admire those that do for the mere fact that they have mad artistry skills and I definitely do not! Unless it’s a winged eyeliner (I’ve been perfecting that since the 9th grade) or a cat eye like Miss Peregrine from the newly released movie, I certainly have to keep it simple in the make-up category.

Have a look at what’s inside my make-up bag!:

It’s my first time making one of these composite photos- how did I do? Let me know in the comments!

I  keep it pretty simple with the basics…

  1. Physician’s Formula Organic Wear BB Cream – this is the only thing close to foundation that I will put on my face. I tried their CC cream, but it made me breakout like crazy. I use light to medium shade on my skin, and I find the cream light, nourishing, and breathable. The only thing I would replace this with – and I’ve tried LOTS of different BBs – would be Kiehl’s BB cream.
  2. Sephora Universal Brow Freeze in Clear- I have pin straight hair but the curliest (and thickest) brows ever. This wax keeps them in place, but careful! On hot days, this stuff will melt right off your face. I use Vaseline if it comes to that.
  3. Sephora Bright Future Colour Corrector in Green – I use this for those stubborn breakouts that sit like red chicken pox on my face, sometimes. The green balances the redness and allows for an even coverage with my BB cream.
  4. L’Oreal Telescopic Shocking Extensions Mascara – I have crazy long eyelashes, so I just need something to give them a nice flip, get them real dark, and not get too clumpy. It has an AMAZING brush considering it’s a cheaper line, and I plan on sterilizing the brush and using it for other mascaras when I run out.
  5. Kiehl’s Calendula Cleanser– come on, do I need to say it again? Kiehl’s has changed my life.
  6. Kiehl’s Calendula Toner- alcohol free and out of this world. So amazing, even this girl with thirsty skin uses it.
  7. Nars Blush in Goulou – This was actually a freebie I received for reaching VIB status at Sephora, so unfortunately, this particular colour cannot be found in stores but just from third-party retailers. It’s a really nice tone of pink with a hint of beige and brown. I love it.
  8. Kiehl’s Rare Earth Deep Pore Daily Cleanser in a Sample size – easy mask to-go, absolutely amazing.
  9. Kiehl’s Midnight Recover Concentrate – my new nighttime regime at the end of a good wash! It’s heavenly… (mine is 15mL)
  10. Kiehl’s Daily Reviving Concentrate – the daytime, fatigue fighting,  energizing oil routine for my mornings.

That’s what’s in my make-up/beauty bag for my NYC trip! Of course, my purse holds a few Sephora and Mac lipsticks that I’ll be taking along with me, but how about I share that in the next post…

What’s your most important toiletry product for when you travel? Let me know in the comments!

AND! A big ‘THANK YOU!’ to all the recent followers and comments on my blog… ILY all 🙂



4 thoughts on “Tried, Tested & True! What’s Inside My Make-Up Bag? NYC Packing Part 1”

  1. Love the composite! You did an excellent job of making it. I also love Kiehls. I use their Super multi-corrective cream at night, and their ultra facial creme in the daytime. I have the Daily Defense concentrate, and Nightly repair serums, but don’t use them everyday. My skin is sensitive and breaks out easily if I overdo the face stuff.

    I use L’Oreal mascara…have for decades, but haven’t tried the one you’re loving. I keep mascara brushes all the time. I use them for my brows and to put on my eyelash/brow serum in the evenings.

    Have wonderful time in NYC!


    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment! I’m learning about why Kiehl’s fans are so loyal, just now. I don’t think I’ll ever go back.
      I have sensitive skin as well, so maybe I’ll keep an eye out for reactions.

      Check out this mascara! The lift and colour is excellent. I got it on sale, too.

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂


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