Bookish Goods – My Redbubble Site Got a Bibliophile Upgrade

Hey everyone!

I decided to update my old and quiet Redbubble account with some bookish items. I created a lot of these designs on my free time and thought:
A. I would love these on shirts and items
B. Maybe someone else would also love them on shirts and items!

Redbubble seemed like the best avenue to go because they’re a green option for production (printing on demand with no overstock) and they don’t cost me out of pocket. I can also adjust the pricing for what profit margin I’m hoping to make on the items, but, quite honestly, this is not a business for me, just a sharing of a passion. As such, I put my profit margins super low, so the primary cost is just production through Redbubble; I only make pennies or a buck or two on the items. I truly just wanted anyone who loved them to get their hands on this cute bookish merchandise!

Let’s have a look at some of the designs I’ve made (in product format – click to expand):

It’s hard to pick a favourite design, but I love the simplicity of the HOBBIT definition:

Right now, the content is – general bookish, Gilmore Girls, Tolkien themed, but I intend to expand into more domains. I’m also happy to play around with and make something that suits your fandom preferences, just leave me a comment below.

I initially was considering uploading my more complex designs but I actually prefer the way these minimalist designs work with the platform. Other than my art nouveau framed GOOD COFFEE/BOOKS design, I’m going to stick with simple.

Visit my Redbubble Bookish Goods site, here!

Let me know what you think!

xx C


12 thoughts on “Bookish Goods – My Redbubble Site Got a Bibliophile Upgrade”

  1. Ummm hii hello I want it ALL. I was about to say, “specifically these items” and then realized… I would literally be listing them all haha! I absolutely love these designs with my whole heart and you can guarantee that the moment I have some additional funds to spare I’ll be making a purchase!

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