Last Days: thoughts before moving to the city of lights

Hey there,

Just going to get into some thoughts and musings as I head towards my big change. Nothing in particular, I am just looking for an excuse to write so let’s get to it…

Even though I’m only definitely going to Paris for 3.5 months (the rest is still undetermined – read this post for more information) when I’ve been having my “goodbye” meet-ups with my closest friends, they’ve all cried saying their goodbyes! It’s so touching and, to me, unnecessary. They are in the belief that whatever I set my mind to, I make happen, so while it’s only a “temporary” leave, it could, more than likely, up being longer.

But, to me, I’m in the mindset that I’ll see them in the blink of an eye and no story of true friendship ends when someone makes a decision like this. My best girlfriend moved away to England to teach and while we didn’t have frequent contact, we had the occasional Skype, and she’s back in Canada and we are closer than ever – even if we only see each other once or twice a year. Because, in my opinion, that’s how true friendships are supposed to function. You encourage one another to follow their dreams, you don’t resent people for not consistently being present, and distance and time is nothing in the grand scheme of things.

And I guess I’m too excited about making this dream come true to shed tears. It’s not that I don’t feel it, it’s not that I am not touched or not a little heartbroken by the distance that will separate me from people I love, it’s just that this is really happening. 

Even typing that sentence gave me a total rush. I cannot freaking believe it. I dreamt of this for eight years, I dreamt of calling Paris home for eight freaking years. It’s all I talked about when meeting new people. It was number one on the bucket list. Every other book on my bookshelf was a memoir about someone who did the same. And now I’m doing it. People may scoff at 3.5 months because that’s all I feel secure about right now, but it’s not a vacation; I’ll be living and working and be a Parisian citizen with a bank account and a local grocer and a local boulangerie, and, and, and– what a literal DREAM COME TRUE! And it’s three days away! How did we get here?!

If you go to the ‘About Me’ page, you’ll see I started this blog as a way to “chronicle my dream of one day calling myself a Parisian” – no more! No more! It is so surreal, I cannot even begin to express it in words.

In other news, my parents have made the suggestion of also leaving my cat behind for the 3.5 months so as to not stress her out, so I don’t have to worry about her when I’m out-and-about or taking weekend trips, and so I can fully experience this dream without stress or distraction. Another immense generosity from my parents and the decision was a hard one to take, but I decided the only con to not bringing her was that I wouldn’t have an animal in my life for 3.5 months (I’m not used to that). The pros being that I wouldn’t put her through the anxiety of travel, the anxiety of being in a new apartment for a pretty short period of time, the anxiety of being alone, the potential heat of the apartment, and I also wouldn’t have to risk damage to the apartment. Plus she’s with my family who adores her, and her furry-sisters who will make her feel less lonely without me (she hides when I’m not around which is heartbreaking).

I’ve begun applying for random Freelance jobs. Some have had some bites, others not so much. But now that Mercury is no longer in Retrograde  I imagine I’ll have more success. I saw on Instagram that you should ask yourself three questions after Mercury in Retrograde: What Transpired? What lessons were learned? What am I grateful for? And the next step is to embrace what’s on the way for you… It only makes me that much more excited!

I have just begun really putting things aside for the trip today, which I guess is a little late. But I’m not concerned or overwhelmed. It will all come together. Packing is going to be easier without the worry about having to bring over cat things, too.

I’ve already written two blog posts for the company that’s begun to pay me to write for their consignment website! I’m ahead of schedule because I had time to put aside to writing them. They seemed very receptive to what I created. As soon as it’s posted officially, I will share it here and on my social media connections.

Another course starts in early September. This is another course for my Master’s degree. It’s a course that has a look at storytelling throughout history and its place in libraries and learning. I have already finished two assignments for it (though I haven’t received the rubric for how the assignments are to be presented, I have the entire outline of both done). That’s what happens when you lay out an assignment for me weeks before the due date… I did the same thing in my undergrad. Being nine hours ahead (Alberta time vs Paris time) is going to be useful as I’ll be on my A-game. I only took one course for the Fall semester because my intention is to really feel out Paris and pursue any opportunity I can grab. I have two courses scheduled for the Winter semester.

I’ve started to get ideas in my head as to where I’d like to go on weekends.
First and foremost – Rocamadour. I actually looked into possibly staying in a monastery as well, as it’s significantly cheaper than a hotel and will give me that “spiritual” experience.
I’d like to visit Giverny, as suggested by my coworker.
I’d like to visit Portugal (Lisbon? The islands?).
I’d like to visit Milan as it’s one of the fashion capitals of the world!
I’d like to visit Budapest.
I’d like to visit London again.
I’d like to visit the Greek islands.
I’d like to visit Turin.
I’d like to visit the French Alps again/Switzerland.
I’d like to visit Corsica.
I’m beginning to realize there are not enough weekends in 3.5 months…

I’m going to have to start planning this more seriously. I’ve babbled enough and I have things to do (on top of planning those weekend trips…), so let me get to it.

Thanks, as always, for reading. Thanks for letting me babble. Thanks for letting me dream.

Any suggestions for my weekend trips within Europe? Let me know if the comments below!




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