Amazing Thrift Finds

Hey there,

I just want to take a bit of time to talk about the amazing thrift store/resell/consignment stores that I’ve frequented in the last month, finding some of the most amazing additions to my wardrobe and jewelry box! While my finds are numerous, extensive, overflowing-my-luggage-planned-for-France, the specific buys I’m going to talk about are in my feature image for this post (starting from left to right). I’m also going to tell you what I paid for everything and their compare at price, linking the items or comparable items if possible.

On the far left:



Absolutely everything you see in this image is thrifted #notnew!
Starting at the top, you’ve got a gorgeous Coach necklace from Style Encore Oakville (@styleencoreoakville). $15 comparable Coach statement necklaces of this size go for about $200, new.

My mustard yellow tank which goes with everything these days was $6 from Style Encore Oakville. It’s not labelled so I’m not sure what the comparable would be.

The skirt is Tory Burch and I got it from Re’volver (@revolverburlington) for $20 with tags on! Compare at $100 from Tradesy (used) or 395EUROS for a skirt of the similar length and fabric from the Tory Burch website.

The purse is a Furla Perla crossbody in Aubergine that I got from Style Encore Guelph (@styleencoreguelph) for $45! It was in pristine condition and came with a dust bag. I don’t think it was every used! Compare at $200 from Ebay for this specific bag or new crossbodies from Furla cost around $480!

Second from the left:


Starting at the top, the necklace is Bauble Bar and I got it at Plato’s Closet Burlington (@platosclosetburlington) for $5! Comparable prices for similar statement necklaces from the Bauble Bar website are $58USD!!

The tank top is soooo lovely in person. I got it from Kiki’s Closet in Hamilton (@kikis_closet) and it was $13. I don’t have a comparable price.

The belt is Dolce & Gabbana (!!!) from Style Encore Oakville and it was $30 (!!!!!). Compare at $900+ for a standard D&G leather belt (with a single logo) WHHHAAAAATTTT!

The jeans were thrifted from Platos Closet Burlington but I don’t remember what I paid for them (something like $15?).


Second from the right:


The belt is back, and they’re joined these absolutely rad loafer heels by GUCCI! Gucci are known for their square toes and loafer styles (and square toes are back in trend because of the 90s comebacks!). I paid $90 for them and I got them from Style Encore Oakville. The same shoe on Tradesy but in brown are going for $195 and I’ve only found them in black on one website and they were $250! Brand new, Gucci heels go for around $1000+.

On the Far Right:


Unfortunately, the lighting for these pieces was absolutely terrible because I was in the basement, but both these items were found at Re’volver Burlington.

The first are are a gorgeous, gorgeous, GORGEOUS pair of Alexander Wang pants WITH TAGS! My mother was apprehensive of the colour but when it’s on, it takes on a new life. They’re perfect for winter and fall and they fit like a dream. They were $47 after taxes and the tag said “Compare at $270” but had a listed price of “$99”. I can’t seem to find the same ones online but T by Alexander Wang pants range from $250-$700 dollars. These ones had Nordstrom Rack tags on it.

And the jewel of all my finds, the gem, the glorious beauty that is this silky, satiny, smooth, sexy black skirt that fits like a dream… It was found on the 50% off sale rack, with TAGS ON. AND IT’S PRADA! I cannot find the same one with the same details online (it’s downstairs and I don’t feel like getting it to look up the serial number). It’s from Holt Renfrew according to the tags and it was originally listed at $870 but seems to have been marked down twice to $370. I got it for $55 after taxes!


This is only a taste of some of the amazing finds I’ve had at local shops. Some of my favourites that are missing from this post is my vintage Prada purse that I got for $150 (compare at ~$1000), my very delicate and gorgeous and delicate vintage Givenchy wool half-sleeve sweater with logo for $65 (compare at ~$1100), and my vintage D&G long sleeve shirt that I got for $17 (compare at ~$600).

What’s the greatest find you’ve ever scored while thrift shopping? Tell me in the comments! And if you visit the stores Re’volver or Style Encore Oakville, don’t forget to tell them that @darthclaudia sent you — I’m a regular there, now, and they know me well!


Post Scriptum: Are there any outfits you’ve seen in my Instagram photos or any items I’ve mentioned that you’d like to know more about? Hit me up in the comments and I’ll try and do a feature for you!


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