Mercury in Retrograde Under the Aquarius Moon

Hey everyone,

Anyone who knows me well enough knows what a hippie I am, so this post is about Mercury in Retrograde (Under an Aquarius Moon – which is full tonight, people! So get those affirmations down and out!) which has begun today and will be continuing until August 18th.

You’ll often hear people referencing Mercury being in retrograde as an excuse for their bad moods or bad days, but really, it’s not an excuse at all. The funk is real! And there are a few tips and tricks that I want to share with you to help you get through this weird, odd, universe-is-wonky, time.

  • First and foremost, the biggest thing affected by Mercury being in retrograde is communication. Expect those phone calls that you’re anticipating to not make it through to you. Expect the text messages to be missed (or missing entirely!). Expect the people closest to you to misunderstand what you’re trying to say and have it cause a fight. Just be ready for the worst, because communication is highly damaged from this planetary change. The key to getting through it is patience, repeating yourself, texting twice if necessary, being as clear and articulate as possible, and to make sure you watch your emotional reactions when people you are close with seem to say something that offends you.
  • Electronics are wonky from this planetary shift. You can expect the cellphones to run out of batteries quicker, the laptop to stop working when you need it most, my ex-partner is DJ part time and his crucial gear would stop working when Mercury was in retrograde, and if you’re trying to get that e-mail to send, it probably didn’t make it through.
  • Don’t, I repeat, DON’T start any new relationships, business ventures, projects, contract signings while Mercury is in retrograde. They will not succeed for very long. Don’t even go on that first date, okay!? And be ready for plans to fall through, because they definitely will.
  • While we are at it, the end of Mercury’s retrograde (August 18th) is a great time for a cosmic do-over on any project, relationship, or business venture that may not have been successful prior.
  • DO NOT make any large purchases while Mercury is in retrograde. The guilt will hit you when it’s over, and the regrets will drown you.
  • Mercury in retrograde is the perfect time to break old habits, clean or declutter, and it’s a wonderful time to practice extreme compassion (because you’ll need it to put up with all the nonsense it brings!).
  • Put those affirmations into the universe and watch them start to come to fruition at the end of the retrograde.

Speaking of affirmations, tonight is the full moon, the effects of which you will have felt three days prior and will feel three days after. Now is the perfect time for you to set out affirmations into the universe. The full moon promises success in all ventures if you set the right intentions out. It happens to be in Aquarius which is perfect because I’m lining up to begin what is likely to be the biggest and greatest journey of my life, so I intend to make the most of this moon!

Remember to charge your crystals this week, to be extra patient and cautious from now until August 18th, and don’t let Mercury bring you down. Good luck 😉



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