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Paris in the Fall

Hey there, Today, a co-worker passed me an article from the Toronto Star by a writer named Vivian Song who wrote that, ‘Paris returns to its true self in the fall’. The article was passed to me as a reminder of what awaits, and while it inspired me, it also made me melancholy. Autumn is…

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This Gets Easier, Right?

Hello friends, This gets easier, right? RIGHT? My therapist said it does. It gets so easy that eventually it’s sleeping in that becomes difficult for you. I’m waiting for that moment to arrive, because this morning was damn hard. I had a pretty mediocre sleep last night, despite being  immensely exhausted. And I woke up…

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Day Two of Morning Madness

Hello friends, I’m moving slower today. And I had more energy at night than I usually do. Are these all normal symptoms of the ‘wake up early’ routine? While feeling like I am getting less done than I did yesterday, that fact is inaccurate as I had a lot of time to relax, got a…

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Morning Person

Hello friends, I’m trying to become a morning person. I’m not a morning person. I’m not even a night owl, as you’ll rarely find me conscious after 10pm. So I’m in that limbo place of existence in which I basically hate being awake. And there isn’t anything valuable or productive about that! So I’m trying my hand at…

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