Day 4 – Bureaucratic Things + Klimt

Hey there,

Not much happened today as I slept in, spent a good chunk of the morning/early afternoon at the bank trying to set up an account (I think it worked, this time… fingers crossed!) and my evening was spent in Parisian suburbs as I wandered, got familiar with the area, and then met one of the families I should begin working with, next week.

The ‘burbs was called Saint-Cloud and it was really lovely. Quiet, green, lots of medieval-looking mansions (my gosh), but mostly apartment buildings and the like. I checked rent out of curiosity as the train station there is convenient and the ride into Paris isn’t a long one, and it was outrageous. It was a lovely and safe neighbourhood and even though I didn’t have a chance to explore downtown (it’s a bit of a walk), a ‘burb is a ‘burb is a ‘burb. If you’ve seen one suburban European town, you’ve seen them all.

But prior to visiting with the family, I went to the Atelier de Lumieres theatre in Paris. When you enter the “museum/theatre” space, you are in a giant black room – and I mean GIANT. There are places to stand, sit, walk up steps, view from a balcony, you can lay down if you want, you can basically situate yourself anywhere. And then music begins and projections begin, immersing you into the art and giving you one hell of an experience! I just happened to be in Paris during a limited time exhibition of Gustav Klimt’s work being shown.

Now, if you know me, you know I adore Gustav Klimt. He is, without question, my favourite artist of all time. His work has moved me since the day I first discovered them. Watching these projections in larger-than-life format while the most beautiful classical music played was so absolutely breath-taking. It really felt like – “Here, Claudia, just to add to your dreams coming true… here’s a bit more magic for you.” I may have cried a little. It was dark. No one saw.

I tried to upload the videos to YouTube but the format is horrendous. I only took a few clips while the exhibition was happening because I wanted to experience it fully, but they’re posted on my Instagram – @darthclaudia

While the Klimt exhibit is only on until November, if you are ever in Paris, you must make time to go experience art in a way you’ve never imagined. Their projections are ever-changing and it’s just too powerful not to miss. Take 30 minutes out of your day to watch art in film.

Cool things about today:
– Klimt. Everything.
– I booked a weekend trip to Rocamadour, France!
– Exploring Parisian ‘burbs
– Finding a 0,75EURO half-bottle of grapefruit Rose wine! And it’s good, too!!

Not so cool things: 
– lots of walking – my feet hurt
– I should have went to Klimt when I didn’t have something scheduled afterwards so I could sit there for hours and re-watch the projections!

Enjoy the photos which are mostly of the Klimt experience. Don’t forget to check out my Instagram if you’d like to see the videos. As usual, thanks for reading!




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