Day 5 – Walking the Footsteps of Artists

Hey there,

I’ve got a day trip to Giverny tomorrow so I have to be up early. As such, I’m going to make this post extremely brief because I need to wind down…

I had quite a busy day! Here’s what I did:

  • I went to check out something with my cellphone plan and while walking out, decided to stroll to Galleries Lafayette. I admired all the designer goods, envied all those in line to purchase said designer goods, had lunch on the sixth floor overlooking the most beautiful building in Paris (Opera Garnier), then went to the seventh floor that people ofter skip for one of my favourite views of the city (a go-to every time I visit).
  • I visited Hemingway’s apartment in the Latin Quarter. Funny thing is that I passed this building so many times before and never even noticed the little plaque bearing his name. That’s the thing about Paris: so many corners hold so much history. I believe he was on the top floor and they didn’t even have a bathroom, just a bucket in the corner. He lived there with Hadley, his first wife. He would rent a studio to write his books, just around the corner, on Rue Descartes. Further down is where James Joyce lived! And oddly enough, just around the corner from here is where I had that amazing baguette for three Euros, the other day! Hah!
  • I went to a the Chapel of the Miraculous Medallion where a woman is said to have seen an apparition of Mother Mary who told her to create a very specific medallion. This medallion is said to grant miracles. It’s been reproduced many times over. I got myself one. Dreams already came true, so I’m ready for some miracles, too!
  • From here I decided I was going to go to the Picasso museum but decided to stop in the “shopping area” of the Louvre first, to check out their “space cat” exhibition and just have a walk around.
  • The Picasso museum was phenomenal. Absolutely mind-blowing. It also housed Picasso’s personal art collection which included works from Matisse, Renoir, Modigliani, and more. Not only was he a spectacular artist but he sure had great taste in art, as well.
  • I went back to my apartment to rest for a bit before taking an evening stroll just around and outside my neighbourhood. I discovered such beauty and wonderment! Paris never ceases to surprise me! It’s endlessly magical.

Here’s a big chunk of photographs to make up for my short blog post! Thanks, as always, for reading 🙂 Claude Monet’s house tomorrow!!




2 thoughts on “Day 5 – Walking the Footsteps of Artists”

  1. Loved the encrypted message! Nice to see you are living your dream and inspiring others. Kathryn is “really enjoying” reading about your adventure and now she, in caps no less – wants to “LIVE IN PARIS”. Once your pictures of Giverny are posted it will be a done deal. I can’t wait to read about your trip to the pink house and the village.

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    1. Honestly, doing this was the best thing I could have ever done for myself and Kathryn should jump on the opportunity while she’s still young and less risks are involved. It hasn’t all be easy, and Paris feels different when you’re living in it, but it’s been incredible. Beyond incredible. I’m glad to inspire where I can 😀 Glad you got the message and thanks for following along, my friend… I miss you!


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