Authors & Characters I’d Love to Hang Out With

I’m sure every bibliophile has thought about it at least once: Which character or author would I most like to spend time with? I added author in there because I’m not sure that there would be enough characters that I’d want to meet and hang out with. I know it’s very popular in the bookstagram community to “ship” (and obsess) over characters in novels and series, but I have some difficulty with doing so. Even with Harry Potter, a very popular YA series that have many wishing they were living in the Wizarding World, I can’t say that there is someone from the series I would hope to hang out with. 

Okay, but now I’m talking too much about who I’m not interested in “meeting” when I really should be telling you about who I’d love to share a coffee or tea with! Let’s start with authors… 

Ernest Hemingway

I mean, this one is obvious. If it wasn’t obvious, then you’re obviously new to my page and don’t know me. While I absolutely detest the kind of man that Hemingway was (a masochistic alcoholic who hunted for fun), for some reason, I am tied at the heart to this man. 

He’s not only my most favourite author, but I see him as a literary guide. I want to sit across from him and I want to hear him tell me his stories in person, I want to know how writing made him feel, I want him to read my works and push me to be better. 

I was told he’s literally one of my Spirit Guides, but to meet him in the flesh would be an entirely new experience.

JRR Tolkien

This is another obvious choice, for me. I adore the world that Tolkien built. It endlessly inspires me. It is one of the ultimate stories of good versus evil and about how blurred those lines can sometimes become. I adore his characters, his poetry, his beautiful languages. I’d love to meet him in person just to tell him how moving Middle Earth has been for me, and how grateful I am. I’d also love to talk to him about God.

CS Lewis

Speaking of God – and abbreviated names. I’d love to meet CS Lewis. He’s not only one of my favourite storytellers, but he’s one of my favourite philosophers. His thoughts on God, the Universe, human emotion, and even love, are beyond beautiful. I’d like to share a tea with him and chat about life – and even ask him about being best friends with Tolkien!

Let’s see what characters I’d bring to tea… 


I know he would never sit still and I know my husband would get jealous, but tea time with Aragorn would be amazing. He is enlightened and spiritual and selfless and brave. He has all the qualities that man should strive for. He views his commitment to friends and family as more important than a title or a throne. He’s beyond awesome.

Le Petit Prince

I know I said Lewis was an amazing philosopher, but this guy would really teach me about life. If you’re looking to get any inner child healing done, pick up the book The Little Prince and dive into his wonderful world. I’d love to meet this character to see the majesty of the planet in a new, rosey lens – the lens he paints for me. 

Obi-Wan Kenobi

Don’t get at me with the, “But that’s a movie character,” nonsense! He’s a character in many Star Wars novels I’ve read, and so he has a place here. He’s not my most favourite Star Wars character (that’s reserved for Boba Fett — but I’d have nothing to say to him), but he’s definitely one with the wisest advice to share. He’s a sage and a strength to his friends. He’s selfless and committed to his duties. He’s an inspiration, really.

This list is pretty boring (and predictable for me), and because I’d love my conversations to guide me towards being a better human being, my choices are quite logical. Perhaps I’d throw in Samwise in there for some lessons on selflessness, or Jay Gatsby for a reminder on how to love someone at a healthy level. Maybe some people would enjoy sitting down with Hermione Granger, while I can imagine just being lectured by her, or would love to share Turkish Delight with Lucy from the Chronicles of Narnia, but her naivety might irritate me. This is my list, and yes, it may be predictably me, but it would be amazing if it could happen!

If you had a list – of characters or authors – who would be on it? Let me know in the comments!

xx C


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