Book Review: The Rise of Skywalker by Rae Carson

Star Wars – The Rise of Skywalker
By Rae Carson

I am not even sure where to begin with this review. It may have been one of the worst – if not the absolute worst – Star Wars book (or even novelization of a movie) that I’ve ever read. It’s tied quite close with Canto Bight which is, unfortunately, also by the same author.

Let’s start with my primary issue with this book; I understand that the Star Wars fandom were upset with Abrams pushing Rose Tico to the wayside and it’s clear Carson was quite bothered by this. First off, I hate Rose. I think she was a trope character who was put into the film to get a diversity check off the director’s list. But she was a terrible actor, and she was just a ridiculously awful character. 

The endless desperate attempts to throw her into this book as valuable and important are simply pathetic. I think ‘Rose’ is likely the most frequently used word in this novel. Rose somehow has the best advice in every difficult scenario, she somehow saves Poe, she informs and directs Leia, and Leia suddenly cares about her, endlessly, throughout the novel. I wish to insert my giant eye-roll emoji here, please, because that’s enough. “Truth was, Finn had a lot of friends on board, and Rose had just saved all of them.” EYEROLL. Stop. It’s pitiful. Just stop.

I’m not even sure if this book went through an editor. Between horrendous adjectives, repeated sentences, and over-use of words, this reads like it was written by a 12-year-old writing fan fiction. Let’s have a look at a few examples, shall we?

On page 90: “Poe took it from her, and a weight lifted from her shoulders when the dagger left her hand.”
On page 91, just a paragraph later: “C-3PO took it from Poe, and a weight was lifted from her shoulders when the dagger left her hand.” LOL WHAT? Not only is this the exact same sentence, but you even messed up Poe’s pronouns. This was only a quarter into the book!

Now let’s look at some ridiculous adjective use:
Page 97: “Kylo Ren’s pain and killing rage were breathtaking.” …. They were what? Isn’t that a positive adjective? Meanwhile, Rey is in a panic, here? Really? Breathtaking is the word you went for!?

And then, on page 157: “The air smelled of salt and sun-kissed grass.” — Uhm, they’re on a grassy island (she, one paragraph later, describes a slop as “grassy”), that’s surrounded by oceans. This is the best description you could muster? What absolute garbage. 

Then there are just stupidities thrown throughout, like Ben having memories of calling Chewie, “Uncle Chewie,” (come on…), or describing Chewie’s breath like “something died in his mouth,” despite no character ever commenting on this throughout 8 other movies, and calling D-O “Cone-Head” as a narrator (and not from a character directly). 

The “action” was boring. The introspective scenes were contrived. The narration was horrendous and disjointed. I don’t think I’ve ever tagged a book with so many, “What the heck is this garbage,” tabs.

This book is super short with large font and it should have taken me one sitting to finish. It took me over a week. It was horrible and I forced myself through it in an attempt to remember the movie, again. I think I hate the movie, because of this horrendous novelization. No, yeah, I’m sure I do. Because this is awful.

Rating: 1/5 Stars
The Good: It had a pretty cover
The Bad: All of it


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