Moon Phases

Hi there,

It’s quite amusing to slide through my Instagram page. You’ll notice themes for about thirty photos or so; some sort of item or interest that dominates all of my shots. I’ve got the same gene as my brother, in that my interests are short lived (months at a time) but hyper-obsessive. And I always go through the same phases at the same time of year. Let me share them with you by telling you where I’m at right now…

It’s February. I’ve made my birthday wishes. I am moving forward with New Year hopes and dreams. And so, of course, my mind is on Paris. Not just any Paris, but the Paris that begins to bloom in the spring and brings my fragrant dreams up into the air along with it. The mind is set on France and all things French. French language books, Parisian movies, memoirs of North American expats who have lived in Paris… Paris, Paris, Paris. This rings even more true in this particular February considering the circumstances: an upcoming trip to Paris (did I mention that? I’m heading there for March Break), and a move to follow. Paris bells are ringing more loudly this season than they ever have before!

And what season follows that? Well, naturally, the classic season of the 1920s expats. I bring out the vinyl and play my Edith Piaf and classical tunes, I buy flowers at the marketplace (but now I have a partner that buys them for me💕), I get fresh cheese, and indulge in the beautiful spring sunshine with cuter outfits and my literary heroes. You’ll see the transition in my feed, soon…

After shaking myself out of the expat zone, it’s usually selfie season with random fiction that’s hot at the moment, usually young adult novels, or something kind of corny or focused around self discovery.

That season transitions into the books about wellness, bettering myself, and becoming the boss bitch I was meant to be. That’s a short lived season that quickly blends into books about spirituality, tarot, wiccanism, and the like. That particular season usually last through most of our late summer to October, and my tarot cards and messenger cards often get dusted off and used religiously (pun intended) again.

Once the warmth of Christmas overcomes me, Tolkien usually takes a quick bow on stage before it’s Star Wars season. Star Wars season is most obsessive than all the other seasons because Star Wars is LIFE! I end up spending money on ridiculous things during this season. Too many articles of clothing that I just don’t need, figurines that gather dust, and stuffed toys that have no place in my house. And have you seen how many Star Wars books I have?!

Then, once again, it’s a slow transition back into Paris on the brain. But, without fail, every year is the same. I’m quite predictable that way, and I guess there’s some kind of power that comes from me knowing this about myself. Usually a lot of very specific spending happens in each “season”, but now that I’m planning a move, I’m even more aware of how many unnecessary items I have, and I’m trying to be more conscientious of it. So far, so good. This “season” I haven’t spent more than $5 on books about Paris, as they were all gifted to me or purchased with Gift Cards. This is a win for me, trust me…

I named my post ‘Moon Phases’ because I go through these changes as quickly as the moon goes through her changes. And I often notice physical changes during these same “seasons”: particular clothing choices, getting haircuts, etc. I do not sit still.

Do you go through similar phases in your life? I’d love to know! Leave me a comment.

xo C


2 thoughts on “Moon Phases”

  1. Hi there,
    Are we related? I do the same thing. Lately the phases have gone like this: bees, bee keeping (just studying it, not doing yet), herbal medicines, ancient folklore, and then in a circle of the same…and I have the French bug too! Duolingo is helping me learn the language. Just this morning the bf remarked that I get totally obsessed with something for a few months and then onto something else…but moon phases cannot be stopped! ~may the force be with you~


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