All Silent on the Western Front

Hey there,

Sorry for the silence between my posts.  The last few days have been pretty difficult – I was in Montreal for my grandmother’s funeral, so the desire to write was non-existent. I saw it as work, rather than pleasure. I was uninspired and numb. That’s not to say that I’m out of this stage, but I felt it would be healthy to take a break with a blog post before jumping back into the grind that is work, for the last two days of this week.

There is some good news to share! Quite a bit, actually.

First and foremost, I’m headed to New York City on October 6th – 9th! It will be my first time in NYC and I’m pretty damn thrilled! It’s one of the fashion capitals of the world that I still need to cross of m y list (Tokyo is the last), and my love of all things theatre will, without question, be filled while we are there. I’m also ecstatic at the thought of going there during Autumn. Discovering new cities in Autumn has a special kind of magic to it. I’m already wondering what vintage coats I’ll be packing with me, to wear while we are there. I’ll do a “What’s in my Carry-On” blog post soon!

Secondly, I won the most outstanding calendar through an Instagram giveaway. It’s the “Bloom” calendar from Obvious State (@obviousstate) and it’s simply out-of-this world. They are high-quality minimalist prints with words from literary masters printed on really gorgeous cardstock. They come with a clip, and you rotate through the months yourself, hanging your calendar work of art where you so desire. After you’re done using the calendar, the prints make outstanding pieces that you can frame or display on their own! I honestly thought I was getting a 2016 calendar thinking they were ridding themselves of stock, but I got a 2017 calendar, so I have art for a whole year, come January! I’m thrilled! I love the work this company does – it’s outstanding. You should check out their website for literary masterpieces and bibliophile heaven. I simply can’t say enough kind words. Their social media presence is also really impressive and interactive; it’s like you know the voice behind the company, and it’s that more intimate and special. For Canadian readers who don’t want to purchase online, a few of their prints are being sold through Chapters/Indigo.
Give me books, French wine, and a little Obvious State…

And third, thought it doesn’t seem exciting to many, is that we have a week of rain that’s going to happen, here! Honestly, it’s just what I need with the grief I am carrying. It is symbolic of the washing away of my pain, the cleansing of my soul to move on…

It was at the funeral of my grandmother where I was thinking about the need to “live”. I began to think that I am constantly planning for my future in Paris, but what is holding me back from making it my present? Why am I waiting? What am I waiting for? I know what it takes to make the move, so what am I afraid of? My grandmother took a risk and moved to Canada with her family, and it ended up being a decision that affected many lives; it’s the reason my parents met, it’s the reason I am here today.

And these generations have created the most outstanding lives for us, here in this great country. But I don’t want to wake up every day and see my street in Hamilton, no matter how wonderfully cultured and creative this city may be. I want to wake up and see those beige buildings with blue-gray roofs, six stories above me. I want to see chestnut trees lining the streets. I want to see cafes on every corner, their open chairs calling to me. Life is really so short, it flies by, and are we really living to work each day and to be stuck where we started? Or should we not explore and truly live? Is this the point of life: we are born, we work, we retire and hope we have a few years to enjoy it before we die? That cannot be the purpose. It can’t be my purpose.

On a final and unrelated note, I had some business cards made. Check them out (the black line is blocking out my phone number):

As an educator, you’re not given business cards unless you’re in a higher position (VP/P/etc). And as a blogger and curator of beautiful things, I felt it would be a useful thing to have and to hand out when I make connections for reviewing products, locations, or just connecting people to the website if they’re interested. They are simple but I think they’re quite effective. Do you think they capture my “vibe”? Please let me know in the comments!

And so, what dream have you been putting on hold? Do you think it’s time to truly live? Comment below!



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