Novelty Bags – Unusual, Practical & Beautiful!

Hey there,

Novelty bags.

I’m an absolute sucker for these babies.
Not only are they so damn unique, but they also add a pop of character to an otherwise “classy” or “chic” outfit that would be bland, all on it’s own.

These novelty bag images are taken from Paris Vogue’s F/W Collections magazine

Prada has novelty bags, Chanel has novelty bags, Dolce&Gabbana has novelty bags, Moschino, Tomasini Paris, Charlotte Olympia all have novelty bags! These high-end designers understand the statement that comes from their highly coveted unique novelty bags. And of course, on the lower priced side of things, Kate Space and Betsey Johnson are reigning queens when it comes to funky, fun accessories.

As such, you can imagine how difficult it was for me to pass up the opportunity to snag my own novelty bag to spruce up my outfits and make me smile endlessly, each time I carry it:

I found this Betsey Johnson ‘Cats Meow’ wristlet at Winners and I’m absolutely and positively in love with it! This particular piece from her Cats Meow line is unavailable on her website, but she has many others worth looking at. I love the details on the wristlet strap, and I love the quilted pattern as it adds a certain kind of chic look to something so fun and unique.

The back side is no less beautiful in a quilted cream with ears peeking out, over top, so you still get some spunk on a more simplistic side of the purse.

What do you think? I’m imagining walking the streets of NYC with this baby; do you think I’ll fit in or stand out, a little too much? Leave me a comment!



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