Hello friends,

I’ve been watching fashion documentaries lately (to go along with my reading of fashion books and magazines, it seems), and it’s no surprise that each of them connects, in some way or another, back to Paris. The greatest designers started their legacies in Paris, and the top fashion magazines go there to shoot their best photos for their best issues.

It’s no wonder that Parisians are oozing with style when they’re surrounded with style icons, and are immersed in a culture that revolves around artistic creation.

Two key vintage pieces in this outfit: The beaded purse that I believe to be from the 60s ($4), and the 80s bomber that still had the original store tags on it ($9)!

Watching these documentaries further fueled the urge to get there. I’m not the most stylish of individuals. Most of my favourite pieces are vintage from used shops (which my mother always makes a face about!), and I’m still trying to figure out my personal “style”, and I’m still working on how many accessory pieces are too many. But every time I watch these movies or read these books about stylish and inspiring Parisians, I’m feeling a bit more confident in my “fashion existence”, a bit more fascinated and excited by the world, and a lot more enthusiastic about immersing myself in the Parisian world of fashion for good.

And, in the mean time, I can dream about that Chanel purse and perfume, that Dior dress, that Valentino skirt… and that September issue of every Vogue available.

Do you have a fashion icon or inspiration?



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