Fall Fashion, continued

Hello friends,

I’m going to continue on the subject of fashion, today. I’ve been reading the coveted September issue of Vogue and I finally made my way through it’s 800 pages! My focus remains on fashion because that’s what Paris is; it is fashion. So this fascination doesn’t stem too far from the dream.

Now, Paris is usually ahead of the trends, but as for trend watching in North America, Vogue is basically it. There seems to be a common trend happening in all my September issues of my fashion magazines, but more specifically Vogue. I’d like to mention those trends, and speak to a few of them, just because I feel as though being aware of these Autumn fashion changes brings me a little closer to living a Parisian life, here in Canada.

The Fall trends (that I have noticed) are as follows…

Cross-body bags (especially those with chain straps) – this is a classic purse option and it’s always in the rotation of trends through all the years… the “close to body” feel gives it a sense of “comfort” with your warmer outfit. The chains trend -gold in particular- go very well with some other trends I have been noticing…

Layered Heavy Jewelry – chokers are gone, golds are in (this is where the chained crossbodies come in!)… and lots of them in multiple thick layers over soft or simplistic fabric

Wools and Knits (oversized, boxy cuts) – I LOVE THIS TREND. This trend speaks classic Fall and Winter to me, think 1920s writers in Paris wares. They’re usually in a men’s cut and they’re oversized and you’re drowning in them and their warmth, and paired with a gorgeous scarf, what looks more Fall than this? I’m noticing the trend in jackets, especially, but also in classic “suit” styles as well

Bombers and Capes (and the capes are thick, heavy fabrics) – I’m happy about both these trends, as I just picked up a bomber AND a cape at the vintage shop! The bombers are often worn draped over the shoulders, in a similar style as the capes hiding the arms. It gives a very over-flowing look, and worn over something delicate creates an awesome juxtaposition of style and fabrics

Romantic Elements – This seems to be a  trend for every season, in some way, shape, or form … flowing dresses, delicate accessories, again, paired with something harsh or something along the menswear trend, and you’ve got a unique look and balance — flower prints are also a big trend this season, which fits with this element

Layers – As always with Autumn and Winter, layers are in-trend. T-shirts under blouses under sweaters under oversized coats, with layers of jewelry to top it off

Colour Trends – I noticed a lot of blacks (expected), mustards, golds, reds (so much red, paired with a red lip, too), and dark greens. Who knows what else might emerge!

Now, fashion trends are not about going out and purchasing a new wardrobe, but using your simple pieces you already have and reinventing them in a way that works with the trends. But, as Parisians usually do, you can ignore them completely!

Trends come and go, and Parisians are aware of that. So what they do, is they see how they can adapt their basics to the trends and work from there (or, play be their own rules entirely). A lot of Autumn trends are about comfort and simplicity and layering, and this is easily adapted with what you can find in your own closet! This blog post is a guiding reference in finding what works for you for the season, and picking out where you already shine, and embracing your ability to shine a little more. Being aware of fashion and it’s changes makes me feel even more aware of life in Paris. It’s a strange thing, I can’t explain it…

But Autumn is truly my favourite season for dress, and I’m eagerly awaiting sweater weather!
What Autumn trend of 2016 appeals most, to you?




2 thoughts on “Fall Fashion, continued”

    1. Ah! I can’t wait for it to get a bit cooler so I can get my knit layering on!
      And, while I’m waiting for that day to come, it’s time to find myself a decent chain bag…
      Thank you so much for reading! xo


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