Big News Abound

Hello friends,

As I have stated in a previous blog post, I was chosen to be an ambassador for Feminist Apparel because I pitched to them a social justice project that they were excited about being a part of.

I have finally received the e-mail that has provided me with my individualized code that enables buyers to get 10% off of their purchase AND each purchase donates $3 to my project which is as follows:

Since feeling defeated with the acquittal of my assailant (I was sexually assaulted in 2006 and brought my assailant to court this past March), I have felt pulled towards creating a piece of theatrical art that allows sexual assault survivors to share their stories of pain, and their stories of healing, in a safe space.

The stories themselves would be taken from women who are willing to share their accounts, but told by the mouths of strangers, to emphasize that this is not just a crime against some women, but on all humanity. Everything in the piece would be focused around people reclaiming their bodies and their spirit from those that tried to take it away from them. The entire focus is on empowerment, and the unity of sexual assault survivors. It would end in all individuals coming on stage, together, speaking about ending the silence and stigma of victim blaming, rape and sexual assault.

I’m currently developing the piece with the help of brave survivors who have or have decided to share their stories with me.

I don’t get free merchandise, but I get the much needed funding for this project that will help take it into a workshop mode and my city’s festival (the cost is quite high and I’m not sure I can do it on my own).

I sent this message to numerous Feminist Facebook groups and though they’ve “read the message”, they don’t seem inclined to respond or spread the word. So, if you could take a moment to spread the word by sharing this blog post, I would be grateful!

Use the code CLAUDIA10 to get 10% OFF your entire purchase AS WELL as the good feeling that comes from knowing you’re helping donate to help develop an important project, at!


Feminist Ambassador Program

Hello friends,

So, in case it needs reminding, in case I need to clarify the purpose of this blog, not every post will be about Paris, per say, but about dreams, wishes, and stresses that perhaps I might be experiencing along this journey towards Paris. These are the realities of my life, and this is the place to share those realities. Each piece of my story is a part of the whole journey towards living in Paris.

Recently I wrote about my “career dreams” that have plagued my mind through the years, and about how I might live out my days in the wonderful city of Paris, France. If you didn’t get the vibe from the post, I’d like to mention that I’m a little bit of a Jack(lyn)-Of-All-Trades (Master of SOME!). New ideas outside of my career but within my passions and interests get me off-the-wall excited, and all in one sitting, I can write up an application and hope to be considered for such a thing. Confused as to where I am going with this? Let me clarify for you…

Feminist Apparel (@feministapparel on Instagram) was having a Feminist Ambassador Program, where you would become an ambassador and representative for their clothing, and each sale you made through your own loyalty link would get you three dollars towards a project you may have had in mind for a while, something geared towards a social justice mindset. Well, that was an easy one to apply for, and, long story short, I AM NOW A FEMINIST APPAREL AMBASSADOR! I am an ambassador for an actual clothing company… a clothing company with a cause and radical wares! Can you believe it!?

And, with such a status comes the responsibility to follow through with my social justice plans, so here is the next endeavor I am entering: I am writing a script! I’m going to put on a performance piece! Hopefully for the Fringe Festival in Hamilton, next July!

My social justice project that I pitched to Feminist Apparel was a performance piece about the stories of survivors of sexual assault, told by the mouths of actors who are strangers (and not all the same gender as female) to emphasize that this crime is not just against some women, it’s against all of humanity. I got into writing the script last night, and it’s flowing so naturally for me. Mr. J (who is a theatre major and involved in theatre) has already read it and said it’s awesome how it’s coming along, how I’m developing it around all the survivors telling their story but engaging and supporting one another throughout it. It’s not just a story telling, it’s a project focused on healing, and on erasing the stigma behind victim blaming and all forms of sexual assault. It’s a piece I’ve had forming in my head (and used to dream about, at night!) since my assailant was acquitted. I think I’ll name my theatre “company” ‘life of cloud’. 

And so begins my entry into other endeavors: grant applications! I might even start a gofundme page, closer to the date, to help with expenses (apart from the money earned through Feminist Apparel), to help kick-start this production into full gear.

Exciting, isn’t it!? Who knows where projects and passions like this might lead me in the long-run, what careers it might bring me to. I was once told by a medium that this is my last life on earth, that I’m closing all unfinished chapters in my many lives, and with all that I participate in and am accomplishing in this life, that lead to so many creative paths and start so many new journeys, it’s hard not to believe it.

Go check out Feminist Apparel! BUT DON’T BUY ANYTHING JUST YET! I’ll get my personal link next week so hold off a bit; plan what you’ll purchase and then buy their stuff then knowing you’re supporting an awesome project (my awesome project).