Aspiring Writer Dilemmas

Hey there,

I’m not a writer. Well, what I mean is that I love to write but I’m by no means a professional at it. But I have always hoped and dream that one day I could turn my passion for writing into a career. So today, using a workbook to kick-start novel writing, I planned my novel.

I planned everything from the characters to their specific profiles – including what drives them – to how they will relate to one another in the novel. I planned my prologue and I wrote out a whole plot point layout for the struggles my protagonist will face (which basically gave me a timeline of how my novel will play out). I wrote down all the ideas for the issues in this world, the setting, the environment within this setting, the years, dates,  laws, etc. And I finished all that planning and thought, “Yeah, this could be a pretty cool YA novel…”

Then I thought about books like Harry Potter and I thought about books like Lord of the Rings or Chronicles of Narnia and I thought to myself, is the world I just made up truly the world I want to invest my time into? It could be cool, it could become a trilogy, it could develop into something important, but it doesn’t evoke any of the same feelings that those novels I just mentioned evoke in readers.

But then I got to thinking, is that what writers do? Compare themselves to one another without giving their own ideas a chance, first? Beat themselves up before they’ve even fully created something? Criticize something they haven’t even really started?

Reading and writing has always been my escape. I don’t want to turn it into an opportunity to criticize myself or judge myself or put myself down. I will just write, and if something comes from it, good, if nothing comes from it, I’ll keep writing.



2 thoughts on “Aspiring Writer Dilemmas”

  1. Oh Yeah. I can relate. But you can’t let that doubt stop you! When I’m humbled by another author’s work (read: worry that I’ll never be able to write to the same calibre), I remind myself that the book world is one where everyone can succeed. There will always be writers whose prose will drop my jaw, but that doesn’t mean I can’t contribute in my own way. Writing isn’t always soft caramels and pop rocks, but if you love it–and it sounds like you do–then that will show in your voice, which means readers will be able to connect to it. So don’t worry! In fact, welcome to the writing game, where moments of self-doubt pop up on a bi-daily basis. 😉


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