Our House, In The Middle of Our Street

What a wild ride Paris has brought me on.

In one month, we have had some ups and some downs. And I’ve seen only a bit of my favourite city in the world as I remained in the suburbs, trying to sort the chaos of this life.

Unlike Strasbourg, where Jordan found an apartment in a week, Paris doesn’t work like that. It has you fall in love with numerous properties, imagine building a life, only to have that dream torn from your head with a, “You haven’t been selected,” e-mail. Living in a hotel, and now in Jordan’s studio, has been pretty crazy. But, finally: all that is over, as we have found our apartment, been approved, and will get our keys on Thursday. I’m thrilled to start the next chapter of our life together, there (and to buy furniture for it!!). It also has a backyard! Life has just gotten sweeter for the pups.

Poe is teething and is a wild one, but beyond intelligent and sweet.
Rukia, we discovered, has cancer, and is going through a wave of being fine and being uncomfortable. We are trying to make this journey the best for her as we figure out all we can do for her at this age.

Christmas markets have popped up around the city and we will return to Strasbourg next weekend for the most beautiful Christmas market in the world (with 10 of Jordan’s friends).

I am on a hunt for work. I have had numerous interested parties, but due to not having an apartment, was unable to accept many of them. I don’t mind having the time to prepare the apartment and get the dogs settled in the new space before committing to a workday. I’m not worried.

And the most beautiful news of all, on our one year anniversary (where has the time gone?) at Hemingway Bar at the Ritz (my favourite bar in the city for obvious reasons), Jordan proposed to me. What a dream! I called my parents to proclaim my excitement but they already knew; he had asked for my hand in marriage when they came to France to visit us, and said he was planning it for our anniversary. What a sneaky bugger! I am so proud to call this amazing man my fiance.

Life is one crazy dream.
All this from following my heart one year + ago… Best decision I’ve ever made for my mental health, my emotional health, my happiness… the best, ever.


4 thoughts on “Our House, In The Middle of Our Street”

  1. So glad to hear you found an apartment and can settle in nicely with your fur babies and Jordan of course!!!!!! My heart breaches for Rukia’s news. What a sweet beautiful dog. Congratulations again on your engagement, you have no idea how happy I am for you and Jordan. Love you Bella💖💖💖

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