New Adventures Await

Apologies for yet another long pause between posts, but life has been rather busy.

We finally got to bring home our darling new puppy Poe, and he is settling in nicely. He’s immensely intelligent and affectionate, but he can be a bit of a hellion for 3-4 hours a day (the witching hours when Torpedo Poe comes out, we say). Rukia is both exhausted and enamored by her new little brother, who simply cannot get enough of her. I think it’s made her feel like the pack is a little more complete.

We adore our new “baby boy” but I had definitely forgotten how much work a puppy is. It’s truly like having a toddler running around the house at all times. Any moments of silence I have used to work on graduate assignments before the wildness emerges again. But I’m so, so in love and he is so clearly obsessed with his “mama” as well. Our little family is growing.

And in a very strange – but marvelous – turn of events, Jordan was promoted as director of a luxury sector of his company and we are moving back to Paris! For good! Amsterdam, no more!

I was thrilled to start a life with Jordan in Amsterdam, but it is without question far more exciting for me to be returning to and building a life in Paris. We move in – truly – a week today (as of writing this post). That’s how fast this is all happening! And the odd part is that we will be in the city a week before our one year anniversary. It is so, so beautiful how the universe aligns all things so magically.

Speaking of one year, with the chaos of all these changes happening around us and transformations happening so quickly, it’s hard to believe that we are rounding up on our one year anniversary. I have the same excitement to see him when he comes home from work as I did when we first started dating, and yet I feel as though I have loved him for twenty, thirty years… I am so blessed to love and be loved by this man. And in one year we have created the most beautiful little life with the most adorable little family, together.

I told Jordan that his friends who set us up (my clients) made me promise to keep Jordan in Paris and to stay in Paris, myself. Well, I kept my promise! It just happened on the universe’s time, and not my own. Our journey started in Paris, continued in Strasbourg, and now we will begin a new year in Paris, again…

But now the job search begins again! Although my tarot reading side-gig picked up a little over the last month, and I still have the online teaching job that I can rely on, I still have to begin the search again. I already applied to an English school and I know I’m qualified for the job, but I’d really like to venture outside of English teaching. Ideally, working in a museum or in a library or bookshop would be a lovely career to start dipping my feet into. After all, my graduate MASTERS II degree will be in that field, so why not get a head start as our lives together get a fresh start? I’d also like to start making my writing more of a focus, but I say that in every blog post…

Anyway, I’m thrilled that we will be back in Ile-de-France (but also thrilled that we will return to Strasbourg for the Christmas market), because everyone who knows me knows that city is my most favourite in all the world, but I’m especially thrilled for the opportunities this promotion will bring Jordan. He has the potential to do amazing things with this new road he will travel down, and I’m beyond proud of my darling man. His dedication to both his work and his family is so admirable, and he deserves all the success and happiness that the universe can grant him.

Here’s to a new life -and a new adventure – in one week!


4 thoughts on “New Adventures Await”

  1. My dear Claudia, I am so happy for you. Please congratulate Jordan on his promotion and I wish him much success. Wishing you both all the best. Your babies look so happy together๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’– Love you Bella๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–

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