Glimpses into Life Overseas

Just another beautiful few days with my beautiful man, my beautiful dog, in my beautiful city.

I actually walked to city centre and back without a GPS so I’m already getting my bearings! I went shopping downtown yesterday, and today was the market on our street. I headed out early enough and lucked out with fresh, homemade pasta (agnolotti) made by the usual cheese vendor I visit.

I have begun to recognize market vendors and have made it a habit to visit the same ones today, so they start to recognize me, too (though, tattoos always help with this). I went to the same cheese vendor, same fruit stall, same artisnal bread vendor, and same old Greek olive vendor (he always sneaks me in some extra olives). Tonight’s dinner will be an array of cheese and the fresh pasta with leftover sauce that I made on the weekend. But first: apero with fresh olives!

There is a kind old lady who lives on the 4th floor of our apartment who I see every other morning when I bring Rukia out to pee. She is so, so kind! She always greets Rukia with, “SALUT MA BELLE!” and cuddles her, pets her, gives her kisses, telling me how much she misses having a dog since hers died. I have grown rather attached to this woman… I look forward to running into her.

But the best part of living in this city is waking up to my best friend, every morning.

Life is perfect and I am so blessed.


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