Weekend Joys

What I love most about weekends is being able to spend them with Jordan. No work separating our time together. Just me, my love, and occasionally the baby (dog) if she is feeling energetic enough to join.

This weekend we went quickly to Kehl, Germany (eight minutes from the apartment) for some errands, and then drove to Colmar which was about 50 minutes from Strasbourg. We drove through the villages along the way, rather than taking the highway, and it was endlessly spectacular. Colmar is so, so stunning. Truly a fairy tale city. It was very much like being in the Beauty & the Beast story. It was absolutely packed with tourists but was no less enjoyable.

We took the trip just the two of us because Rukia was sore and exhausted from a long walk the day before. She did so well on her own – we have a camera to watch her and she slept the whole time she was in the apartment. I am so proud of my baby and how well she is adjusting.

The photos below begin with Friday evening apero by yours truly, followed by dinner at an amazing vegan restaurant around the corner from us. And then progresses through to Kehl, the medieval village (Seleste I think?) and finally a gorgeous castle on the mountain before the Colmar pictures. Jordan is texting my mother in the cell phone photo…Haha buddies!

Outstanding, isn’t it? Honestly, the pictures do this city no justice. It’s even more spectacular in person. Every single corner of this city had me pulling out my phone to take more photos.

Our blue skies turned grey and we left before an afternoon rain, I’m sure, but it was the most lovely day. The restaurant we went to was reasonably priced for a tourist hotspot and was very delicious.

If you’re ever in the Alsace region, a visit to Colmar is very necessary. I understand why Jordan said it was his grandparents’ favourite city. I cannot wait to go back.

Hope you are having a beautiful weekend, wherever you are reading from!



3 thoughts on “Weekend Joys”

  1. Extremely beautiful pictures. Your happiness and smile put a smile on my face every time. So happy you are happy 😃.
    Thanks to you I am motivated each and every day to live my dreams.
    Love you cugina 😘❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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