More Poetry – More Feedback Required! A Writer in the Works

Hey there,

I wrote a couple more poems over the last week. Again, poetry is not something I’ve touched in many years or have any real knowledge about; I just kind of let it flow. Have a look and let me know your favourite. They are all unnamed. Please, feel free to give me any advice to help improve my writing!


This I did not choose;
For it has chosen me
The path laid out before
The pain was unforeseen
No different would I tread it
For strength, it brought me still
Such bravery, courage, and love
The stubbornness of will
How strange I would reflect
If changes had been made
More lost and unfamiliar
My spirit dead, now saved
Damage to my body
Strikes against my mind
Soul-suffering with weight unknown
My heart, stuck in such binds
Yet no trail would I rather tread down
No transformation of smile from frown
No changes need to be made
For I love who I am today.


Shut out
Any doubt
Open to Light
Open to Life


Your small steps
are great leaps and bounds
Do not judge an ant by the hill
But by what’s buried underground


Sacredness within you
Wounds sealed by the Great Healer
Trust in your power
Open your chest
and blow the world away


That worlds could be opened
With the pages of a book
Is proof in the sacredness
And power of word


Wishing you a beautiful week ahead.



(Please note that all writing featured on my page is subject to copyright law.)


1 thought on “More Poetry – More Feedback Required! A Writer in the Works”

  1. Hey Claudia, these are all excellent poems.

    No advice for you. You definitely have a gift and a talent for writing poetry.
    If you keep going and writing how you feel or write about anything. You’ll capture all minds in this world.

    Serious everything you wrote here is exquisitely beautiful, honest, and shows who you are as a human being and a poet. 🙂


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