Visiting the Kiehl’s Flagship Store in NYC – Informative Specialists, Innovative Products, Astonishing Experience!

Hey there,

I just got back from my first trip to New York City, last night! It seems strange that my first blog post back would be about Kiehl’s instead of about NYC as a whole. But I’m obsessed with quality skincare as of late, so I can’t help but make a blog post about my visit to their flagship store!

Kiehl’s began in 1851 as an apothecary in New York City at 109 on 3rd Avenue. Because this is now the location of the flagship store, there are things you can do and buy at that location that cannot be found anywhere else in the world! One of these specialty experiences includes an apothecary preparation.

Sitting down with my skincare specialist Angelina, she tested my skin using special, changing pH strips. She discovered that my skin was normal oily and very oily. Using her very fancy and old-school looking ‘Skin Atlas’, we went through different aspects of my skin and selected what we thought to be my most crucial skin problems. We determined that ‘Texture’ and ‘Pores’ were my biggest personal skin concerns and the preparation process began after that.

Using a tester tube, she created a concoction of the two concentrates and the oil base that would make up my newest skincare product. My preparation would include concentrates of the following products:
Texture Refining Complex – with vitamin F and LHA
Pore Minimizing Complex – with samphira extract and salicylic acid

The entire process was really unique and made me feel as thought I was an in an old apothecary, really and truly getting skincare tailored to my unique, specific issues and concerns.
The apothecary preparations also includes a bottle with a print-out that includes your name, and unique codes tied to your preparation (for re-ordering, online), as well as a print out listing your concerns, with instructions on mixing the preparation, on the back.

It’s very easy to prepare the concoction when you get home, adding in your concentrates one at a time and shaking your apothecary dropper bottle for twenty seconds. You’re then ready to use to your tailored-to-you product! I have been instructed to use mine day and night (about 2-3 drops per use).

Kiehl’s never ceases to amaze me.

I was also introduced to an outstanding primer, that I never considered using before that visit.  (Micro-Blur is the name of it). The primer and moisturizer, made with lentil extract, creates a matte base that doesn’t allow BB cream to enter my pores and make my skin oily. After a day in the rain and traveling, my skin looked completely flawless by night. I received a sample of this product, but I intend on adding it to my collection once my sample runs out.

While my trip to NYC was a short one, and even though many things didn’t get crossed off my bucketlist, visiting the flagship store of Kiehl’s was pretty high up there (weird, I know!) and I’m glad I got to experience the apothecary preparations!

You can expect a whole bunch of blog posts in the next few days to have a ‘NYC trip’ focus! Stay tuned!

Have you ever had an apothecary preparation done at the Kiehl’s flagship store? Let me know in the comments!



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