Autumn is Calling

Hey there,

It’s the first day of Autumn – my most favourite season, without question. Normally, I would be dancing around with a pumpkin on my head (not really, though) to celebrate the harvest season, but with the passing of my grandmother yesterday, my mood is one of melancholy. And so, to avoid another emotional post that has me in tears, let me list a few reasons why this season is so absolutely outstanding.

  • The fashion of Autumn is TO DIE FOR! The colours are neutral without washing you out, and the textures are out of this world. This year’s fashion trends are bringing back nostalgic pieces like pearls, velvet and combat boots and coats. Not to mention, layers add such dimension and grace to an outfit! With the weather having warm days and cool nights, the outfit choices are simply endless. Not to mention, I love being able to wear coats again! Coats are my “staple” and I love “amping-up” an outfit with a unique (and vintage) coat (probably in wool!)!

  • This is a great month for beauty, and what I mean by that is both personal beauty and nature’s beauty. Nature shows her glorious colours, and brings out a deep tone in the sun that illuminates the world in the most comforting way. And as for personal beauty, it’s not too dry, it’s not too humid, it’s just the right temperature and humidity for the best skin of the year. You still get enough of that vitamin D while also taking advantage of those nights in to layer on some nourishing masks. Nature looks beautiful, and you can match her.


  • Candles and books and coffee and teas, OH MY! What’s more amazing than sitting under a comfy blanket with candles lit (all smelling like pumpkin pies and crisp fallen leaves) with a warm drink and a good book? Nothing. I repeat: nothing is better than the aforementioned. And in Autumn, it seems to feel extra fantastic.

  • The intoxicating scents of Autumn are inspirational. The smell of the outdoors just warms my soul, and while Spring has it’s own kind of intoxicating scent (the smell of new beginnings), crisp leaves and cool air has a special kind of smell, too. Not to mention, everyone seems to be baking delicious, vanilla and spice-filled desserts everywhere you go, and the smell of roasting coffee lingers in the air on downtown street corners. And those candles I mentioned! So outstanding!


  • There is a “mood” that lingers over Autumn… one of magic, of togetherness, of cozy nights under heavy blankets, of comfort in coffee shops… there is just a spectacular feeling that comes with the season. Can you feel it?

What’s your favourite thing about Autumn? Let me know in the comments!



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