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My New Favourite City?

It hardly seems real that I should be here in Strasbourg, France, reunited with Jordan, and strolling through the most beautiful city. I say to him quite frequently, “Am I dreaming?” The entire first day felt like I was floating on air. I have already unpacked my luggage and organized the apartment. It really feels…

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The Day Has Come

This is it: today I fly to Strasbourg to begin my life with my soulmate. Most people run off to another country to escape their life back home, but I assure you, I have nothing to run from.I have a family that is loving, supportive, compassionate, and selfless.I have the most outstanding set of friends…

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The Next Chapter

And so it begins.A new chapter in my life, a new page in my book, a new adventure. In seven days I will be making the big move to France. Not to Paris this time, but to Strasbourg. This is known as the Alsace region of France, where medieval German architecture meets the French provence…

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