Day 4 – Bureaucratic Things + Klimt

Hey there, Not much happened today as I slept in, spent a good chunk of the morning/early afternoon at the bank trying to set up an account (I think it worked, this time... fingers crossed!) and my evening was spent in Parisian suburbs as I wandered, got familiar with the area, and then met one… Continue reading Day 4 – Bureaucratic Things + Klimt

Amazing Thrift Finds

Hey there, I just want to take a bit of time to talk about the amazing thrift store/resell/consignment stores that I've frequented in the last month, finding some of the most amazing additions to my wardrobe and jewelry box! While my finds are numerous, extensive, overflowing-my-luggage-planned-for-France, the specific buys I'm going to talk about are… Continue reading Amazing Thrift Finds