Day 29 – 31: Annecy, France

Hey there, Sorry that I skipped so many days. As life starts to take on a routine, I don't have much to post about other than my musings but they've been pretty quiet the last little while. This weekend I took a trip to Annecy, France. It's called the 'Venice of the Alps' and it… Continue reading Day 29 – 31: Annecy, France

Day 17 & 18 – Silent Film

Hey there, Not much to share: - I had a phone interview for a philosophy teacher position, and I have an in-person interview/meeting on Thursday - I traversed through the Passages of Paris, today: these are 19th century covered passages that were once main shopping districts. They're still shopping areas now, but much quieter (except… Continue reading Day 17 & 18 – Silent Film