Why is Social Media Silent?

I am absolutely disgusted by the villainization of Israel in the media. And I’m disgusted by the hate it incites in people across the world regarding a situation they simply don’t understand (this is made clear when Israel is referred to as a colonizer). The end goal is peace, and the media fans the flames of war. And they fan the flames for crimes against Jewish people.

Because make no mistake, when people say “Death to Israel!” what they’re really saying is “Death to Jews” — and if that made you roll your eyes, tell me why ‘H*tler was right’ is trending on Twitter. Because when Hamas calls for people to take up arms and cut off the heads of Israelis and people in the Western world say, “I would totally cut off the Israeli’s head!” in a comment below these videos, they’re not talking about Muslim Israelis, Arab Israelis, Christian Israelis, or Athiest Israelis, they’re just talking about the Jews. And so this incites violence against Jews around the world.

And this leads to my disgust in your silence.

As hate crimes against Jews rise, the media, and you, stay silent. Social Media screams from the rooftops against hate. But not against Jewish hate. Because Jews don’t matter to you.

And then people wonder, “How could the Holocaust have happened? Why didn’t people speak up?” and yet you sit silent as the crimes and hate and anti-Semitism rise. As the media fuels your perception of Jews into an image of hate under the guise of the word “Israel” and “Israelis”. 

And then you wonder why Israel exists… because last time this hate rose up against the Jewish people, it led to the death of six million of them. So they need a place to call home as they watch YOU, their communities, their countries, celebrities, turn against them or just sit silently and watch and incite hate against them under the placeholder of the word “Israel”.

Israel is not the enemy here. The enemy is Hamas. And just like you, I believe that Palestinian people deserve a safe and peaceful home. But so long as Hamas exists – the target of Israel, while Hamas targets civilians – they will not get the peaceful settlement they deserve. But I also believe in Zionism, as they are not mutually exclusive – and as I watch the world let Jews die without a whisper of compassion, this belief is strengthened. And before you argue against it, do your research into the history of the plight of Jewish people. They have not and never have been colonizers. Just scapegoats for your hate. And I’m fed up.

13 thoughts on “Why is Social Media Silent?”

  1. I think it’s important to keep the government and the average person and their religion separate, as much as possible. The government have failed in many ways – not providing extensive vaccine programmes in the occupied territories, not withdrawing settlements and, in fact, enabling their increase, not investigating fully deaths at the hands of police and soldiers, allowing evictions to occur based on unfair legal rulings and sometimes, without and so on. These policies are inevitably stoking anger, resentment and exploited by extremists.

    At with Britain in Ireland, the colonial rule should end, demilitarisation should occur and negotiations should end the conflict.


    1. First and foremost, I’m not speaking about the Israeli government. I’m speaking to the dehumanization of Jewish people as being justified due to being unhappy with Israel. If you think “Israel” and “Jews” is not using interchangeably by many, then that’s just ignorance. You can advocate for the Jews and criticize a government and still be a Zionist. These are not mutually exclusive.

      Secondly, your comment about “colonial rule” tells me that you actually don’t know the history of Jewish people. I’m going to share the words of Hen Mazzig:
      “A settler-colony requires a motherland where colonizers are from and to which they send back the neutral resources they steal. They also force the local population to convert to the imperial identity of the occupying force.
      The Jews have no “other land” they are Indigneous to but Israel (the British coming to America had Britain, the French had France, and the Arabs had Arabia when they colonized other lands).
      [Your comment] reversed the empire-nation narrative. Israel is a national entity, while the Arab world is an Imperial one. You can always tell an empire by a language. Arabic is an Imperial language, like English and French, promoted through settler-colonialism and imperial hegemony throughout the Middle Ages. Since the 20th century rise of pan-Arabism, leaders advocated Arabization policies of Indigenous national groups, whether the Kurds, the Amazigh, or the Sudanese, and sought to permanently reduce the status and power of indigenous religious groups, such as the Copts and Maronites, across the region. We are so used to “Arab world” that we forget it is a PRODUCT, in modern terms, of Nasser and his encourement of “Arabization” programs whether in Algeria or Iraq, as well as of the Saudis and other Gulf leaders who have also encouraged “Arab” unity.”

      So if you’re going to speak about colonial rule, remember that the Arab rule is the colonizer in your statement.

      I want peace. Remember that. Hamas does not. Until that “government body” (terrorist organization) stops influencing Palestinian decisions, there will be no peace. But again, this post was not about politics and I don’t want it to be. It’s about the Jewish fight. Because criticism of Israel has led to a trend of “Hitler was Right” on Twitter. So, unfortunately, as much as you want to keep them separate, for the Jews, they’re not.


    2. As I responded to your message, I got a text from my MIL stating that there is a pro-Palestine manifestation this weekend (in Paris, where I live) where they have been communicating about killing Jews as they enter synagogues. So, again, while you wish to keep the two separate, the world does not. And Jews are dying because of it.


  2. Hi, I definitely agree with you that we should keep criticism of a government and of religion or populations separate. Unfortunately, some equate them but we must challenge it.

    I think creating settlements in the West Bank is a form of colonialism, as are evictions in East Jerusalem, because, by international law, that land is Palestinian – or to be settled by negotiation but not to take over by force. However, settlement creation is possible because the Israeli state has the military power to enable it – and, because, the US and other countries, provide military and financially support.


    1. Again, I did not want to get into history and politics, but if you have an issue with this in particular, your finger should be pointed at Hamas, not Israel.
      “The great irony is that the leadership of the Arabs of Palestine consistently rejected the two-state solution in the belief that they could have everything; the result was that they ended up with nothing. In contrast, the Zionist leadership—perhaps more desperate for a piece of land no matter how small and certainly more pragmatic—was willing to accept very little, and they ended up with nearly everything. […] The real stumbling block to the creation of a Palestinian state are Palestinians—Hamas, in particular—who cannot bring themselves to accept a state that doesn’t comprise all of “historic Palestine.” Tragically, the recent reconciliation between Fatah and Hamas means there will be no two-state solution—and no peace agreement.”


  3. Hamas is a problem but they are also possible to negotiate with and have respected ceasefires in the past. Moreover, they do not control the West Bank and yet settlements grow and military control remains there. The responsibility lies with the international community, particularly, the US, which provides unconditional military and economic support for Israel, and, responsibility, also, lies with Israel, with all its military might and nuclear power.

    I suppose, living in the UK, I can’t really influence Israel or the US, so I should be challenging the UK to condition weapons sales and other support to Israel on an end to breaches of international law.


    1. If you think Hamas is able to negotiate with Israel (or any government for that matter), you have not read their charter.
      Direct quote:
      Article Thirteen

      [Peace] initiatives, the so-called peaceful solutions, and the

      international conferences to resolve the Palestinian problem, are all

      contrary to the beliefs of the Islamic Resistance Movement. For renouncing

      any part of Palestine means renouncing part of the religion; the

      nationalism of the Islamic Resistance Movement is part of its faith, the

      movement educates its members to adhere to its principles and to raise the

      banner of Allah over their homeland as they fight their Jihad: “Allah is

      the all-powerful, but most people are not aware.”

      “There is no solution to the Palestinian problem except by Jihad.

      The initiatives, proposals and International Conferences are but a waste

      of time(27), an exercise in futility. The Palestinian people are too noble

      to have their future, their right and their destiny submitted to a vain


      Please, don’t be naive. You cannot negotiate with terrorists. I am unsure why everyone in the media and on the left seem to think Hamas are all good and righteous. They literally use human shields to create propaganda against Israel. They have a charter that calls to murder groups of people. They are insane.

      Read all of this before you reply again defending Hamas in any way, shape, or form:


      1. Hamas can be negotiated with, as has been the case in previous cases of escalations of violence when ceasefires have been agreed and Hamas has observed the ceasefire. Hamas has also negotiated with other countries – for example, to receive donations of vaccines from Russia, this year. It is both a political and military force, having won democratic elections in Palestine in 2006. after which Israel imposed a blockade on the 2 million population, so severe that the UN said that Gaza will become unliveable.

        This latest violent escalation will also, hopefully, be paused by a ceasefire when the US is finally forced to stop supporting Israel by international pressure. Unfortunately, it still leaves the blockade of Gaza and the occupation and dispossession occurring in East Jerusalem and the West Bank, so it will likely only pause things before another escalation.

        What is needed is the US to stop providing an unconditional $30 bn annual military aid to Israel but, rather, place conditions that their government observe international law and to change their policies towards the Palestinians.

        Hamas is repressive and, if living conditions and fear in Gaza are lifted, it is more than possible that people will not see a need for them any more. It is worth noting too, despite their rhetoric, Hamas has suggested it supports a 2 state solution with 1967 borders, as supported by the international community.


      2. I would just add that Hamas can get away with their repressive behaviour in Gaza and failings and corruption, partly because of the Israeli blockade and regular attacks. If conditions were permitted to be better, they could not get away so easily with it.


      3. All I read in your comment is, “The US should not give funding to Israel to protect themselves from 4000 rocket attacks – more Jews should die to even out the playing field.”

        Also you clearly didn’t read my link to the Hamas charter. You’re incorrect. But thanks for your comment.


      4. I think the settlements and blockade are big obstacles to peace. As long as there are settlements in Palestinian territory, there will likely be military control and occupation and means a Palestinian state is not possible.

        Thankfully, the ceasefire is mostly holding. There are ongoing issues but bombardment only strengthens extremists – Hamas are claiming victory for the ceasefire.


  4. I do think that a major mistake people around the world make is criticising Israel without considering whether their own countries are enabling the conflict by supporting them with weapons and other support.


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