The Next Chapter

And so it begins.
A new chapter in my life, a new page in my book, a new adventure.

In seven days I will be making the big move to France. Not to Paris this time, but to Strasbourg. This is known as the Alsace region of France, where medieval German architecture meets the French provence lifestyle. It is actually the area that Belle from Beauty & the Beast lives in! My childhood dream of being Belle is coming true. I’ve been manifesting from the very start!

And this move is all because of my darling, Jordan, who accepted a manager role there. He has found us the most wonderful Strasbourg apartment (but has still kept his Parisian apartment) which will be our very first home together (though we did live together in Paris for a month!). I get to continue my French dream but this time with my soulmate by my side. And now my move to Europe is not for a short stint, but for long-term life-building.

I got my approval for another year on my work/holiday visa, and I’ve put the documentation together to get Italian citizenship by descent and, just in case, I will begin the naturalization process after my move (which is made a lot easier with a French National as my partner).

While this big move meant I had to step down from the role I was given for September as a high school SERT (Special Education Resource Teacher), this life continues to be an absolute dream come true, and this next adventure is better than I could have imagined.

My dog is making the move with me, thanks to the help of my amazing, outstanding, brilliant, life-saving friend Michelle and her company, and my parents have fallen in love with and asked to formally adopt my cat (who loves them more than she loves me, I think). Their support through this exciting process has been amazing; they are sad to see me leave but thrilled to see me so happy, following my heart.

All the pieces have come together.
In one week, I begin the next stage of this dream I’m in called life.

Not sure what I did so right in a past life to receive all these blessings in this one, but man, I’m damn lucky.

Bye bye, Canada! It’s been swell! See you when I see you!

You can follow along with my journey at – it’s where I will be giving updates and sharing photos. I’m not going to be using social media.


Post Scriptum: All the photos in this post were taken by Jordan in the place I will call home in seven days, which includes views from our (two!!!) apartment balconies. Click to see them in full.

Post Post Scriptum: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if you have a dream, do everything in your power to make it happen. Believe in your ability to reach those dreams with all your soul. Where you set your mind is what you manifest.


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