Day 7 – A Week in Paris

Hey there,

It’s been a week in Paris already! Can you believe it? I certainly can’t. It feels like both forever that I’ve been living here (Paris has always felt like home) and just yesterday that I arrived (I still have nerves, excitement, and the like).
Am I regretting it? No way.
Am I lonely yet? Naw.
Am I bored? Nope, not at all.
Am I over the city? Not in the least.
Am I ready for more? Hell yes! Bring it on.

My week-nniversary was nothing too exciting and was as laid back as day one in the city. I did a few grocery runs which included finding another, larger HEMA and being amazed by the prices you don’t see elsewhere in Paris. I came back, made myself lunch, relaxed in the apartment who’s view of clay rooftops and Parisian chimneys never fails to make me smile. Then I wandered down Champs Elysees before meeting the second family I’ll be working with.

The new family I was matched with are so wonderful, their kids so eager to learn, and the mother was simply the kindest person I’ve yet to meet in Paris! Oh, and their apartment was SPECTACULAR! Like everything you’d imagine when you think of living in this city. It was inspiring just to be in that space, so I can’t imagine how proud and inspired they feel living in it. They will be a pleasure to work with.

One thing that’s rather unfortunate is that I feel a bit mislead by the company that hired me. They presented themselves as an after-school English education program where educators are paired with children and teach them lessons, work with them, and the like. I’m getting a greater impression that this is more like a nanny role than a teacher role. And I’m not one to ever believe that a “job is below me” because that’s so pretentious, but I got my degrees to be a qualified educator.

Alas, this is just another stepping stone in my Parisian journey and I will take it with a grain of salt. I am excited to bring more of a “teacher aspect” to this role and I am sure I will take away from this experience.

I was asked by this family why I don’t teach in a private school setting as they have a high demand for English educators, but I mentioned to her that interviews are done entirely in French, which is really not good for me who speaks at the mere conversational level.

Anyway, in other news, I got my first ticket for a Paris Fashion Week public event! I’m going to see Jean Paul Gautier’s Freakshow! Once more information is released for Fashion week, I’m going to begin contacting organizers and mentioning that I am a blogger living in Paris who wishes to write about Fashion Week for my personal blog as well as for who just released my first official (paid) piece the other day! 

Tomorrow is my company training in the morning (on a boat on the Seine, no less!) and then I’m headed to the train station to catch a train for my first weekend trip to Rocamadour!

Alright – time for me to pack for tomorrow and get some sleep. Thanks, as always, for reading. Sorry for another short blog post!



1 thought on “Day 7 – A Week in Paris”

  1. Enjoy your weekend excursion! I haven’t been to Rocamadour, but I have heard it is amazing. Are you going to the shrine? I have been to St. Malo and Dinard on the Emerald Coast which are very interesting and certainly unlike anything in Canada. Do you have plans to go there? Looking forward to seeing more amazing pictures and reading about your newest adventure.

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