Goodbye Hamilton, Bonjour Paris

Hello there,

Well, a lot has happened this week. And with a lot happening, a lot of chaos and stress usually follows but I’ll save those woes for another post. Let me get you into the loop:

I signed the papers to put my house on the market. My house should be on the market by April 6th. My very first home is going up for my very first sale. Five years have flown by (and a lot of crap has piled up) and now it’s time to let go. I don’t have a large attachment to this house so I’m happy for whatever family starts their own memories within it’s walls.

I also got approved for an apartment, signed my lease papers, and now have a home for 3.5 months for me and Amelia come August 24th. Yes – I have an apartment. Yes – I will be LIVING in Paris. Dreams that I spoke about when I first wrote this blog are becoming a REALITY. I AM GOING TO BE A PARISIAN. A REAL PARISIENNE.

This is insane. It hardly seems real and then I get overwhelmed when it suddenly hits and I FEEL IT. I feel it. I truly feel the reality of it all.

I just can’t believe it. But I can! This is insane. Excuse me, I’m having difficulty processing this as I write this post.

Look at it! My own apartment! IN PARIS! AN APARTMENT. IN. PARIS. I have a lovely little grocery store down the street! Look at my neighbourhood (Marais)! Look at what I will call home for 3.5 months! Maybe more! Who knows! This is so thrilling!

If this is how I’m feeling when it hasn’t hit me yet, how will I be feeling when it does??!




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