November Ipsy – Review & Comments

Hey there,

Last month I ordered my first – and only – Ipsy bag. Right off the bat you may be asking why I stopped my subscription. It was worth the money (it’s very cheap) for the surprise of products and the cute accessory, but I don’t see getting enough use out of it to make it worth it.

For $14.95 Canadian, including shipping (I believe? I don’t remember now…), Ipsy will deliver you a “tailor-made” bag of beauty products. I say “tailored” because that’s what they advertise, based on your hair colour, eye colour, and the preferences you list. But I got two products in my bag that I had emphasized in my profile that I would have no use for. So I’m not sure how honest that feature is.

Here’s what was inside:
– A cute makeup bag with “beauty constellations”
– Too Faced ‘Better Than Sex’ mascara
– When in Doubt Wing it Out eyeliner
– Brit Velvet Red Lipstick
– Pur-Lisse moisturizer
– Luxie brush

I’ve already tried everything, so here is my quick and easy low-down on the products:

  • The bag is a light, cheap quality but the design is awesome. I don’t know that it’s big enough for a lot of travel but it would make a really cute purse makeup bag.
  • The Too Faced mascara is awesome. It’s light, feathery, the brush is a bit ridiculous looking but there were no clumps and it glides on so smooth. I might have to make a full-sized purchase of this, eventually.
  • The Wing it Out eyeliner had a bit of a harder precision brush than I’m used to but it made for a crisper line on my wing (which is my go-to eye makeup, if I wear any at all). I really like the pigment. I’m a fan, but it’s not so good that I’d consider leaving other makeup companies behind for it.
  • The lipstick is AWESOME. This red totally matches my olive/light skin tone and I love the way it glides on SO smooth and becomes matte right away without drying out. It transfers a lot, though, and I still haven’t worn it all day, so I don’t know if it bleeds.
  • The moisturizer is nothing to rave about. I’ll stick with Kiehl’s, as I like the way it feels on my skin more.
  • The brush… I don’t know how to use brushes. I don’t even know the specific purpose of this specific brush! All I know is that it’s super smooth and put on my blush really nicely. (Is it even a blush brush!?) I’m more of a ‘use your fingers to apply minimal makeup’ kind of person, so this brush business is new to me.

Would I get Ipsy again? Sure! I love trying new products!
Was it worth the cost? Yes, if you keep in mind that these are deluxe samples but quality ones at that.
Overall, I would give this subscription pack a 7.5/10 – nothing mindblowing, worth the money, great products.

Do you subscribe to Ipsy? Let me know in the products below.



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