Online Window Shopping

Hey there,

I’m an online window shopper. I will often browse websites – especially their tempting sales – and dream about what the clothes might look like on me (though we all know the sizing is almost never right from screen to bod, but it’s sometimes worth the risk).

Sometimes I will fill up a cart with my favourite things, as I’m browsing the site. I end up going back to the cart after I’ve made my way through all 63 pages of the sale items and have a look at what I’ve collected.

Shocked at the total amount of my cart, I give my head a shake and start cutting the items that I could probably do without, whittling away at the total, cent by cent. Finally, when I’ve come down to the last items that I just know would look great on me, and I’m sure the total with shipping will fall under $100 (for some reason, spending anything less than $100 seems reasonable, even if it’s $96) I sit there and stare at my cart.

I stare at my cart for a good twenty minutes, running back to the pages of those last few items I decided I couldn’t live without, “hmmm”ing and “hah”ing, contemplating, contemplating…

And then I decide I shouldn’t be spending that money. And I close the website.

And I repeat the process the next day, on a new website.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who does this?


Post Scriptum: I also do this with book websites…


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