Shop This Look #2

Hello friend,

Ready to let in Autumn? Last night was the perfect kind of “cool” to break out a cape coat. What i like about cape coats is that if you keep them unbottoned, it’s just like draping a sweater over your shoulders. And if you choose to button it as the night gets cooler, you step up the style! I had a few compliments on my outfit last night, so while some of the items can still be purchased in stores, a few are thrifted finds or passed down from my mum, so I’ll show you similar alternatives!

Cape Coat – Not only do I absolutely love the way Cape Coats look over absolutely anything (it can make a a frumpy outfit look put together and a fancy outfit look even fancier), but all the magazines have them as in season again. This particular one is from Zara, but unfortunately isn’t carried by them anymore. It’s mohair with gorgeous marbled buttons. You can find them on EBay if you really want one! I found mine at a thrift store for $6! The jacket style and colour is difficult to find, but for a similar ‘cape’ coat, this piece  or  this piece from ASOS might be what you’re looking for! Check out Google Image Search  for ‘zara mohair cape coat’ to see people rocking this piece way better than I ever could!

Top – This piece was just recently purchased at Zara, but as with most unique pieces from there, they vanish from the shop pretty quickly. This sweater stops folded at the sleeves, is ribbed, and has a very unique fit; it’s slouched and relax and yet looks put together and classy when worn over smooth, tight bottoms (even a pencil skirt would work). For a similar fit and colour (which is really “in” for fall), check out Zara’s Oversized Sweater.

Bottoms – These particular ones I’m wearing at black, super skinnies from Forever21, but I don’t recommend them because they stretch as they wash. Any tight black bottoms would work with the look, from cigarette pants to high waisted skinnies from H&M to a pencil skirt. You decide!

Shoes – These loafer/flats are from Coach and were given to my from my mom (“They’re too small on me!” always benefits my closet!). These particular ones – the original Coach symbol design – are no longer produced, but for a similar fit and style check out this moccasin from Coach in a perfect green that would look even better with the outfit!

Bag – Nothing new here, if you’ve ‘Shop[ped] This Look’ with me, before. My current bag is a Patent Faux Leather Top Handle bag from Armani in brown (I am a vegetarian so I don’t buy leather bags).

Necklace – Vintage Austrian crystal necklace which you can find on Etsy in black (mine are a multicoloured strand). I prefer to wear these wound around twice rather than worn as just one long chain.

Sunglasses – These particular ones I am wearing are Gold Rimmed Steve Madden sunglasses from a summer collection.

Watch – The watch I’m wearing with this outfit is a super cheap (but super stylish) quilted watch from ASOS! It goes with everything and gets numerous compliments!

Scent – Let’s add ‘Scent’ while we’re at it, because a particular scent can add a whole lot to an outfit! I was wearing Guerlain’s Champ Elysees perfume, which you can only buy in Paris (on Champ Elysees) or online from secondary retailers. It smells like sophistication and womanhood, with musky overtones with floral middle notes and a light vanilla at the base. Compared to another perfume, it reminds me of Tresor.

Leave a comment below of your thoughts of this outfit, and any suggestions on accessories or looks to improve it or change it! I’m headed to Sherway Gardens shortly to pick up my $100 gift card and to make a day of it! You can expect a blog post about it, later, I assure you!



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