Day Two of Morning Madness

Hello friends,

I’m moving slower today. And I had more energy at night than I usually do. Are these all normal symptoms of the ‘wake up early’ routine? While feeling like I am getting less done than I did yesterday, that fact is inaccurate as I had a lot of time to relax, got a chapter of writing done in my novel, and here I am, back on the blog.

This morning I’m inspired by Paris (as per usual). My thoughts wander to the idea that early mornings in Paris would be spectacular. I would capture the first smell of fresh baguettes coming out of the ovens at the Patisserie. I would have the first roast of espresso, sitting on a quiet street corner at a patio table. I would be witness to Paris coming alive, all around me, waking for a new day. That idea fills my heart and overwhelms me with joy (and anticipation).

As such, I’ve decided to up my outfit for work today. I never make work a fancy affair, opting instead for stylish but comfortable (dressing fancy will not increase my ability to teach, but would hinder those from low socio-economical statuses from relating to me). Today I’m bringing out a dress and topping it off with a light scarf, all in the name of Paris.

Of course, I’ll be pairing the dress with sneakers, as all the Parisians do (necessary for both comfort and accuracy).



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