Researching the Move

Hello friends,

I’ve been researching a little bit more deeply about how the move to Paris would pan out. I’ve also been having a look at various French real estate websites to check out rentals and purchases.

First, real estate is expensive, there is no doubt about it. (By the way, as I write this, the person next to me in the coffee shop is talking about France… I don’t believe in coincidences, I believe in the universe speaking to me.) A one-bedroom apartment in a nice, central neighbourhood (which is what I really desire), runs for about €270-330,000. It’s important to note a few things with these numbers you are seeing:
– if these were Canadian prices, these would be in my price range, God-dammit!
– I have been reading books about people who have done the move, and often, if certain amounts can be given in cash, this price could be lowered (sneaky Europeans…)
– the apartments are by no means large

So I began thinking about renting and fell about a few sites that indicate special ‘expat pricing’, for staying a year or two. Prices are reasonable, running about as much as my mortgage+hydro per month, and I feel like this option is a reasonable one, considering that if I do make the move, there is a plan to take two years ‘break’ from work, because my job will be held for me, should it be an absolute nightmare and I desire moving back. That time would also enable me to make plans for purchasing while actually being in the country and having the opportunity to look at the investment I am making.

But then I got to thinking about pet transport and I began to research that, as well. I discovered that dogs and cats don’t require quarantine, they just require a special certificate filled in by the vet, ten days before arrival in France. But then my mind wandered to the thought of my babies in an apartment. It just wouldn’t work for anyone other than Amelia or Luna (not ideal for baby Rooks). Rukia would also need to travel in the undercarriage of the airplane, unlike Luna and Amelia who could be brought on board by Jesse and myself. It just isn’t a realistic trip for her.

I knew this all along, I’m not foolish, and my animals are so important to me so it’s definitely something I have been immensely aware of. That’s why my plan to move makes more sense in 5-10 years time, not immediately. Rukia is still a young chicken at 7 years old, but she’s neurotic and is a big breed so I need to be fair about what she can handle, and a 7hour trip in the cabin of a plane just won’t cut it.

But, honestly, that’s been the goal all along. When people ask me if I’m serious about the move, I say yes. When they press me for details, I have always said that I have a 5 year goal.

This isn’t going to happen tomorrow, it won’t happen in a week, a month, a year. This will take planning, saving, organizing, researching. And while the pain of being away from home is immense (I literally cried the other night, just looking at photos of Paris on Instagram), good things are gonna come. I can feel it.

Can you feel it?



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