Product Review Requests – Media Kit

Are you interested in some publicity for your product, store or event?
Are you interested in reaching a diverse demographic through this blog and through our Instagram @darthclaudia ?
Are you interested in an honest review, or perhaps you’d like an easy and inexpensive sponsorship?

Please contact Claudia to request a product, store, or event to be featured on lifeofcloud at:


Reach information (from Instagram, as of  Oct 5th 2016):

  • An average of 10,000 unique impressions in a week
  • An average of 700 profile views in a week
  • An average of 30 clicks to the blog from Instagram in a week
  • An average engagement of 140 individuals, which is 18% of my follower count (many accounts of higher numbers cannot reach this percentage point)

This does not include the individual blog reach, which is growing in number daily with unique visitors and post view counts.

Demographic – most popular reach: female (60%), ages 25-34 (majority), top location of Toronto


I aim for very reasonable pricing for clients wishing to work with me, because this work is an immense passion and pleasure of mine. This is evident in the final product that I will provide for you. You will find that my pricing is very competitive!

My rates are as follows (in CAD dollars):

  1. Product review and publicity – I will only review products that are in line with my moral values and ethical beliefs, and which line up with my interests and vision, as well as the interest of my readers. If you are providing the product to me for free, I will write a one page (min. 500 word review) + two (2) Instagram photos at no cost. Additional writing is five (5) dollars per page (approx. 500 additional words), and two (2) dollars per post.
  2. If you would like me to write a review or feature on an event or store, mileage must be paid at thirty-five (35) cents a km. I am located in Hamilton, Ontario.
    Two (2) Instagram photos come at no cost. A one and half page blog post (min 750 words) is fifteen (15) dollars. Additional writing is three (3) dollars per half page (approx. 250 additional words), and two (2) dollars per Instagram post.

If you have any questions, concerns or inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact me (Claudia) at:

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